Policy Studies Major

A Bachelor of Arts degree with major in Policy Studies requires the following courses:

 Policy Studies Core Courses  
ECO 111 Principles of Economics 4sh
POL 220 Research Methods 4sh
PST 225 Introduction to Policy Studies 4sh
PST 328 Public Policy 4sh
PST 335 Ethics in the Public Sector 4sh
PST 461 Senior Seminar in Policy Studies 4sh
  Choose one foundation course from the following: 4 sh
POL 111 American Government  
POL 161 Comparative Politics  
POL 220 State and Local Government  
Choose three courses from one concentration
plus one from each of the other concentrations
Understanding Public Policy
ECO 311 Intermediate Microeconomics  
ECO 315 Economic History  
ECO 333 Enviromental Economics  
ECO 432 Public Finance  
ECo 440 Urban Economics and Planning  
EDU 211 School and Society  
ENS 340 Water Resources Management  
HSS 311 Social Policy and Inequality  
HSS 359 Criminal Justice  
HSS 369 Juvenile Justice  
POL 224 Enviromental Policy and Law  
POL 325 The Presidency  
POL 326 Congress  
PST 311 Nonprofit Organizations  
SOC 220 Social Issues and Problems in the Local Community  
SCO 243 Sociology of Education  
SOC 315 Drugs and Society  
SOC 333 Social Stratifications  
  Courses within this concentration with international focus:  
ECO 314 International Trade and Finance  
ECO 410 Economic Growth and Development  
GEO 346 Natural Disasters  
PST 332 Comparative Public Policy  
POL 342 U.S. Foreign Policy  
POL 344 International Environmental Policy  
POL 348 International Human Rights  
PHS 201 Introduction to Public Health  
PHS 302 Global Health  
Leading and Communication Policy Change
COM 300 Persuasion  
HSS 320 Group Dynamics and Leadership  
MGT 412 Advanced Organizational Behavior  
MGT 422 Sustainable Enterprise Management  
PST 231 Public Administration  
PST 310 Philanthropy and Social Change  
POL 329 Political Behavior  
POL 359 Political Communication  
PSY 363 Industrial and Oranizational Psychology  
PSY 368 The Psychology of Leadership  
BUS 303 Introduction to Managing  
MGT 323 Principles of Management and Org Behavior  
Analyzing Public Policy
ANT 215 Qualitative Research Methhods  
CSC 111 Data Science and Visualization  
ECO 203 Statistic for Decision-making  
FIN 303 Introduction to Finance  
GEO 270 GIS in Your Discipline  
ENS 250 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems  
HSS 411 Designing an dAssessing Human Services Programs  
PST 431 Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation  
POL 321 Pubic Opinion Polling  
 TOTAL48 sh

It is strongly reccomended that policy studies majors, in consultation with their advisors, select at least 12 semesterhours at the 300-level. Up to eight internship hours may be applied to the major. 

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