2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A minor in Poverty and Social Justice Studies requires the following courses:

PSJ 110 Introduction to Poverty Studies 4 sh
GST 443 Poverty Studies Capstone  4 sh
Internship 1-4 sh  

All students will be required to complete an internship after they complete their Introduction to Poverty Studies course and before they complete their capstone. This internship can be fulfilled in the following ways:

Option A: Summer internship through Shepherd Consortium (1 semester hour)
Students who complete a Shepherd summer internship will satisfy the internship requirement for the PSJ minor. Students intersected in taking a Shepherd Consortium Internship should meet with the PSJ coordinator.
Option B: Semester internship/practicum, (required for major/approved for PSJ)
Students in majors where there is a required internship or practicum (e.g. communications, education, human service studies) may use their existing required internship to fulfill this requirement. Students must select internship sites that are approved for the PSJ minor in order for these to count toward the minor.
Option C: PSJ 481 – Poverty and Social Justice semester internship (1-4 semester hours)
Students may elect to take between 1-4 hours of internship credit during the fall, winter or spring semester in sites that are approved for the PSJ minor. 
12 additional semester hours selected from the following (or other courses approved by the PSJ committee), no more than two may come from a student's major.                           12sh    
ANT 383 The Faces of Welfare  
ART 272 Art and Politics  
ART 371 Photography as Social Critique  
COR 330 Economic Justice (cross-listed with PHL 330  
COR 340 Is That Slavery?  
COR 342 Understanding Educational Disparities in the United States  
COR 404 Afirca's Peoples and Environments  
COR 416 Wealthy and Poverty - study USA  
COR 426 Identity and the Practice of Desire  
ECO 410 Economic Growth and Development  
EDU 211 School and Society  
EDU 332 Early Childhood Family-Team Partnerships  
EDU 450 Teaching Diverse Learners in Secondary Schools  
EDU 451 Teaching Diverse Learners  
EDU 467 Early Childhood Research, Policy and Practice  
ENG 332 Literature of the South  
ENG 379 Faulkner  
ENS 111/113 Introduction to Environmental Sciences  
ENS 120/121 Community Agriculture  
ENS 220/221 Garden Studio  
ENS 232 Solar Greenhouse and Fourth Season Harvest  
ENS 311 Sustainable Food Production  
ENS 360 Green Design  
ENS 429 Permaculture  
GEO 131 Worlds's Regions  
GST 224 Disarming Injustice: Nonviolence and the Civil Rights Movement  
GST 265 London's Immigrant Communities  
GST 288 African Diaspora (study abroad)  
GST 297 South Carolina (study USA)  
HST 252 Study Abroad Ghana  
HST 313 Modern Africa  
HST 353 Colonial Latin America  
HST 354 Modern Latin America  
HST 378 Modern Mexico  
HSS 213 Working with Groups and Communities  
HSS 311 Social Policy and Inequality  
HSS 360 The African American Family: This Ain't the Cosbys or is it?  
PHL 320 Reclaiming Democracy  
PHL 330 Economic Justice (cross listed with COR 330)  
PHS 302 Global Health  
PHS 381 Practicum in Public Health Studies (India)  
PSY 204 Lifespan Development (must have SL component)  
PSY 245 Early Childhood Development (must have SL component)  
PSY 321 Educational Psychology (must have SL component)  
PSY 356 Health Psychology  
PSY 366 Psychology in Cultural Context  
PSY 375 Community Psychology (must have SL component)  
REL 344 Christianity and Social Justice (must have SL component)  
SOC 220 Social Issues and Problems in the Local Community  
SOC 243 Sociology of Education  
SOC 333 Social Stratification  
 TOTAL20-24 sh
This is a broad-based multi-disciplinary course is the foundation course for the Poverty and Social Justice minor. It provides an introduction to the current state of global and domestic poverty as well as focusing on how poverty is both measured and theorized. We will examine foundational theories present in poverty discussions (e.g. theories of justice, foundational economic theories and concepts, relevant cultural theories) that students will encounter and use throughout the PSJ program. This material will provide the foundation for understanding, navigating and assessing the elective work in the minor and it will also provide an essential base level of knowledge for the student's internship experiences. 
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