Prelaw Society - Phi Alpha Delta

“At Elon, there are a lot of opportunities to get involved with law-related activities including the Prelaw fraternity and the Mock Trial Team. I was able to evaluate my interests and really learn what law school is like. Being associated with and now president of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, I have been able to gain a firm grasp on law school and if it is right for me to pursue at this point in my life.”

                                                                                                                        --Michael Aceto ’06

The Prelaw Society is a student-run organization that engages in activities that provide:

• a vivid understanding of what it is like to be a lawyer
• a clarity and focus about whether you really want to be a lawyer
• a clear idea of what a legal education is like and what it costs
• a clear idea about how to apply to law school
• experience and confidence with respect to the LSAT exam

These aims are actualized in a number of ways. For example, we have:

• invited guest speakers to address our group
• visited local law schools
• taken practice LSAT exams
• engaged in mock trial exercises
• placed students in internships
• put students through mediation training
• enrolled students in the guardian ad litem program
• arranged for students to shadow a lawyer for a day
• discussed films and books
• engaged in detailed discussions of contemporary legal issues

We invite speakers to talk about what it is like to go to law school and what it is like to be a lawyer. Each year, we visit at least one law school and sit in on an actual law school class. This gives students a real idea of what they are facing. Students can also sign up for internships with local lawyers or with the district attorney's office. These experiences also provide valuable insights into whether being a lawyer is something that they really want to do.

The Prelaw Society schedules a practice LSAT experience once each semester. Over the course of several years, students become familiar with the exam and they know what to expect. This helps them to increase their score.

A number of the prelaw students have been trained as mediators, and they volunteer with the Alamance County Dispute Resolution Center. This is a valuable experience giving students an opportunity to develop listening skills and also the opportunity to work closely with people who have disputes with one another.

The law school admissions process is complex and the competition is great. The Prelaw Society helps its members to understand the application process. Seniors who have been admitted into law school have an opportunity to share what they have learned with the younger members of the Prelaw Society. This is the best kind of help that students can get because it is up to date and very real.

Julia Mueller, President

Dr. Elisha Savchak-Trogdon, Advisor 336-278-5796

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