Course Descriptions

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

PHS 201.  Introduction to Public Health      4 sh
This course is an introductory survey of public health issues and opportunities. Students will gain a
thorough understanding of public health, its influence on the health of the world, environmental and
behavioral influences on the health of the public in the United States, and the broad scope of career
options for professionals in the field of public health. This course includes a historical context for a
discussion of current trends, emerging health issues and global practices. Offered fall and spring.

PHS 202. Research Methods in Public Health     4 sh
This course examines the methods used to conduct basic public health research. Emphasis is placed
on the use of research in practice-related settings indicative of public health professionals. The
course acquaints students with a basic theoretical understanding of research, practical aspects of
conducting research and ethical and diversity considerations inherent in the proper implementation
of research. Additional emphasis is placed on research to facilitate social change. Prerequisite PHS
201. Offered spring.
PHS 301. Introduction to Epidemiology      4 sh
This course explores the basic principles and methods of the epidemiological approach to understanding
the distribution and determinants of health and disease and how this knowledge informs public health practice and policy. Students will learn and apply the processes involved in disease surveillance screening programs and outbreak investigations as well as the major epidemiologic study designs through case studies. Basic descriptive and analytic epidemiologic measures will be calculated. Prerequisites: PHS 201and MTH 110 or MTH/STS 220. Offered fall and spring.
PHS 302.  Global Health        4 sh
The course will introduce students to key global health issues. Students will gain an understanding of
contemporary global health problems, their determinants, distribution and prevention/response
strategies. Particular attention will be paid to the links between global health and social and economic
development. This course focuses on developing countries and on the health of the poor. Offered
fall and spring.
PHS 381. Practicum        4 sh
Three weeks of direct practice and observation in a public health organization provide the opportunity
for students to apply and conceptualize various aspects of health care delivery using this approach.
Student learning will be guided and enhanced through weekly seminars, written assignments,
and faculty site visits. Prerequisites: PHS 201, status as a declared Public Health Studies major or
minor, and submission and approval of the application for practicum. Offered Winter Term.
PHS 461. Senior Seminar in Public Health      4 sh
In this capstone course, students identify and critically evaluate theoretical and empirical findings of
one topic area in the field of public health. Students research, write and present a scholarly paper.
Prerequisite PHS 201 and PHS 202 and senior standing as a PHS major. Offered fall.
An internship provides public health-related work experience to majors. Students apply relevant
theory and research in public health practice settings. Periodic conferences with the teaching faculty
member and the agency field supervisor provide students with feedback and mentoring. Maximum
four semester hours toward the major. Prerequisite: majors with faculty approval.
In collaboration with public health studies faculty members, students undertake independent research
related to the field of public health. Prerequisite: faculty approval.
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