Public Health Studies Major Requirements

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A major in Public Health Studies requires the following courses:

Core Courses:  

PHS 201 Introduction to Public Health 4 sh
STS 212 Statistics in Application 4 sh
PHS 202 Research Methods in Public Health 4 sh
PHS 301 Introduction to Epidemiology 4 sh
PHS 302 Global Health 4 sh
PHS 381 Practicum 4 sh
PHS 461 Senior Seminar 4 sh
 TOTAL:28 sh

Focal Area:

 Sixteen hours from one of the following two focal areas16 sh
Sociocultural context of health and illness
ANT 324 Culture and Sex  
ANT 325 Culture, Health and Illness  
ESS 333 Exercise Psychology  
GEO/ENS 250 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems   
GEO 360 Advanced Geographical Information Systems  
GEO 346 Natural Disasters  
HSS 213 Working with Groups and Communities  
HSS 311 Policy and Social Inequality  
HSS 350 Global Violence against Women  
HSS 351 International Human Services  
PSJ 110 Introduction to Poverty Studies  
PST 231 Public Administration  
PST 431 Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation  
PST 355 Ethics in the Public Sector   
PSY 356 Health Psychology  
Biological aspects of health and illness
 Choose one course from the following list:  
BIO 212/214 Introduction to population Biology   
BIO 264 Human Physiology with Lab  
 Choose three courses from the following list:  
BIO 111/113 Introduction to Cell Biology with Lab  
BIO 263 Human Anatomy  
BIO 245/246 Principles of Genetics with Lab  
ENS 111/113 Introduction of Environmental Science with Lab  
ENS 220 Organic Gardening and Sustainable Food Production  
ESS 322 Epidemiology of Physical Activity   
ESS 422 Physiology of Exercise  
ESS 424 Applied Exercise Physiology  
CHM 305 Environmental Chemistry with Lab  


 Choose one course from the following list:4 sh
COM 331 Environmental Communications  
COR 308 Health Care Strategies in the 21st Century  
COR 324 Substance Abuse and Human Behavior  
COR 346 Childbirth  
COR 376 Global Health Disparities  
COR 406 Perspectives on Women's Health  
ECO 317 Gender and Development  
ECO 440 Urban Economics and Planning  
PEH 324 Nutrition  
PHL 330 Economic Justice  
  Other courses approved by the coordinator  

TOTAL 48 sh

Courses not listed above may be approved on a case-by-case basis after consultation with the program coordinator.

* If you have a question concerning a course that is not listed as an elective, but you believe fits the essence of the minor, please contact program coordinator Cindy Fair.

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