Practicum Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How many hours do I need to spend in my agency?

A:  At least 100 hours.


Q:  Where have students completed their practicum in the past?

A:  Previous local placements have included:  Open Door Clinic, Alamance County Health Department, Healthy Alamance, Planned Parenthood, CrossRoads, Family Abuse Services,

Previous online placements have included:  National Healthy Start Foundation, Visiting Nurses Association, Planned Parenthood


Q:  May I take other courses during practicum?

A:  No.


Q:  I already completed the practicum application but have changed my mind about when I plan to take practicum.  Will I need to complete the application again?

A: No.  However, you must notify the practicum instructor of your plans so your application can be forwarded to the proper term.


Q:  What kind of academic work will I need to complete?

A:  You will need to develop your own field study plan, write several papers and complete a comprehensive final exam.


Q:  When are applications due?

A:  See important dates below.


Q:  If I have requested a local placement, when will I be notified?

A:  See important dates below:


Q:  How are local placements made? 

A:  The practicum instructor will review your application and pay attention to your learning interests.  All attempts will be made to align your interests with a corresponding agency.  However, it is not possible to guarantee you will be placed in your first choice placement due to agency constraints. 


Q:  My agency requires a background check.  How do I obtain one?

A:  Email Dr. Jana Lynn Patterson as soon as you learn of this requirement


Q:  My agency requires a TB test.  How do I obtain one?

A:  Contact the health center.