Religious Studies Major

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

The Religious Studies major introduces students to major religious traditions of the world and equips them to use methods from the humanities and social sciences to understand religious texts, art, doctrines, practices, ethics, institutions, and cultures.

Coursework in the major develops key liberal arts competencies, including critical, analytical, and comparative thinking skills, intercultural awareness, an ability to view things from multiple perspectives, and effective written and verbal communication.

Major requirements

A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Religious Studies requires the following courses:

REL 110 Religion in a Global Context 4 sh
 Choose one course from the following: 4 sh
  REL 201 Buddhist Traditions  
  REL 202 Hindu Traditions  
  REL 203 Islamic Traditions  
 Choose one course from the following: 4 sh
  REL 204 Christian Traditions  
  REL 205 Jewish Traditions  
  REL 211 The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)  
  REL 212 New Testament and Early Christian Literature  
REL 292 Approaches to the Study of Religion 4 sh
REL 492 Senior Seminar 4 sh
An additional five courses (at least one must be a 400 level
topic seminar and not more than one additional 200-level course) 
20 sh
 TOTAL40 sh

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