We look forward to writing recommendations for internships, scholarships, study abroad, graduate school and employment. Writing a strong letter of recommendation, however, is time consuming. If you are requesting a recommendation from a Religious Studies faculty member, please use our Recommendation Request Form and follow these guidelines:

  • Students should complete the Recommendation Request Form before contacting the faculty member.
  • Two – four weeks’ advance notice is required for letters of recommendation, although earlier requests are always appreciated. 

Please plan accordingly in order to afford your recommender the requisite time to review your request and complete your reference. For multiple requests that have different deadlines, use the earliest deadline to determine the required lead time. Since it is helpful to draft all of your recommendations at one time, please identify all of the programs or jobs to which you will be applying before submitting a request.

  • If a recommendation form is provided, please be sure to fill out the contact information (including the name, title, address and phone number of the faculty member) completely.  You can find this information in the Elon University Directory.
  • Students should supply the recommender with a copy of their resumes along with the relevant cover letter or personal statement associated with the position or program to which they are applying. 
  • It is customary that students provide pre-addressed envelopes and postage unless other arrangements are made in advance.