Anthropology Major

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A major in Anthropology requires the following courses:

ANT 112 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 4 sh
Choose one of the following: (4 sh)
ANT 113 Human Evolution and Adaptation  
ANT 114 Introduction to Archaeology  
Additional course requirements:  
ANT 215 Qualitative Research Methods 4 sh
ANT 216 Quantitative Research Methods 4 sh
ANT 361 History of Anthropological Theory 4 sh
ANT 461 Senior Seminar in Anthropology 4 sh
Four hours must be earned through an individualized mentored experience in anthropology. These include but are not limited to, experiences such as an internship or undergraduate research. 4 sh
Sixteen hours of electives selected from: 16 sh
Anthropology courses (ANT)
ENG 301 Linguistics
Up to 8 semester hours from Sociology (SOC)

Total:                                                                                                                                                                                        44 sh

All graduating anthropology majors are required to ocmplete a senior portfolio of their work. This portfolio will include a compilation of their work across their four years of anthropological study at Elon; therefore students should be mindful of this requirement as they complete work for all their courses and be sure to retain eletronic copies of work that they may want to include in their portfolio in their senior year.

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