Faculty Research

Tom Arcaro | arcaro@elon.edu | 336-278-6442

  • Methods and Theories: phenomenological deconstruction, participant observation, filmmaking
  • Research Interests: HIV/AIDS in Africa, global health and justice, reflexive humanism
  • Projects: student civic engagement projects through Project Pericles, reflections on being human, evolutionary psychology, feminism and health, sociological biographies and AIDS activists

Alexis T. Franzese | afranzese@elon.edu | 336-278-5857

  • Methods and Theories: mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative methods),  symbolic interactionism, theories of self and identity
  • Research Interests: mental health, social construction of deviance, medical sociology, social psychology, identity construction and transformation
  • Projects: research on self, identity, and the concept of authenticity, extramarital relationships and the transformation of self, medical education socialization processes

Tom Henricks | henricks@elon.edu | 336-278-6446

  • Research Interests: sociology of play, games and sport; sociological theory; social and cultural change, popular culture; social stratification, race and ethnicity
  • Projects: social construction of enjoyment, theories of play, historical transformations of identity and experience, American visions of the good life

Angela Lewellyn Jones | ajones5@elon.edu | 336-278-6447

  • Methods and Theories: prefer qualitative but can operate with quantitative research designs
  • Research Interests: violence in families, gender equality, crime and deviance, social control
  • Projects: qualitative research of battered women currently incarcerated in North Carolina for killing their abusive intimate partners, scholarship of teaching, social construction of meaning and messages

Aunchalee Palmquist | apalmquist@elon.edu | 336-278-6413

  • Methods and Theories:  Ethnographic methods; mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative); biocultural perspectives; community based participatory research; ethnographic/documentary film
  • Research Interests:  health disparities; child feeding beliefs and practices; childhood obesity; women’s health; food, culture, and identity; indigenous health and healing. Pacific Islands; Southeast Asia; U.S. Community Studies
  • Projects: social and cultural context of child feeding practices and body image in Hawaii; the biocultural context of Internet-based breast milk sharing in the U.S.; indigenous health transitions and medical pluralism in the Republic of Palau

Aaron Peeks | apeeks@elon.edu | 336-278-6445

  • Methods and Theories: mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative), feminist and conflict theories
  • Research Interests: sexual aggression and pornography
  • Projects: Guilt felt by males in sexual relationships, research on (dis)abilities, sexual aggression

Anne Bolin | boina@elon.edu | 336-278-6443

  • Geographic Interests: Oceania (Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia); Indigenous Australia, United States
  • Research Interests: ethnography, gender (women, men and masculinity) and gender identity, embodiment, sexology, developing interests in culture and food as well as critical anthropology of study abroad

Tom Mould | tmould@elon.edu | 336-278-5746

  • Methods and Theories: ethnographic methods, performance theory, indigenous hermeneutics
  • Research Interests: folklore, oral traditions, prophecy, Southern culture and video ethnography; issues of identity belief systems and personal experience narratives, with particular focus on sacred and supernatural narrative and belief systems
  • Projects: American Indian narrative, North Carolina pottery, African-American stepping, Latter-Day Saints prophecy and revelation

Rissa Trachman | rtrachman@elon.edu | 336-278-6632

  • Research Interests: archaeology, Maya archaeology, ancient Mesoamerica, ancient social organization, household archaeology, lithlic technology, gender, identity construction, ancient childhood, everyday life
  • Projects: Dos Hombres Archaeological Project (Belize), Ancient Water Systems Project (Belize), Summer Archaeology Field School (Belize), Historical Bethabara Park (Winston Salem, N.C.)

Larry Basirico | basirico@elon.edu | 336-278-6448

  • Methods and Theories: quantitative and qualitative methods, symbolic interactionism, social construction of the self
  • Research Interests: identity transformation, family reunions, family dynamics, extramarital relationships, study abroad and self transformation, guitar virtual communities, art and craft worlds
  • Projects: "Study Abroad and the Transformation of Self: Identity and Global Engagement;" extramarital relationships and the transformation of self, ongoing revisions of introductory textbook