Study Abroad Opportunities

  During Winter Term each January, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers two study abroad programs. These include Aboriginal Australia, one of Elon's most popular studies abroad courses, and a new offering, Peru: Archaeology, Language and Culture.

Aboriginal Australia:

In this course, students learn to experience Western Australia through anthropological and sociological perspectives. Australia consists of a number of different cultures: Aboriginal, Euro-Australian and recent Pacific migrants. To really know Australia, however, it is necessary to understand aboriginal peoples in relationship to Euro-Australian interests. This diverse cultural panorama is the arena for the department's studies of aboriginal Australians.

Archaeology, Language and Culture in Peru:

This course is an interdisciplinary study combining language, archaeology, culture, society and the environment. Peru was the center of the ancient Inca Empire, and today it is world-famous for its archaeological splendors and colorful native cultures. Course objectives include elementary conversational Spanish ability (no prior knowledge of Spanish is required for enrollment) and study of the archaeology, history and contemporary cultures of Peru.

Summer Archaeology Field School in Belize:

This course relies heavily on experiential learning in order to study archaeological field methods while living in a communal an archaeology camp, set in the tropical forest of northwestern Belize.  Students who enroll in the course will learn how to do archaeology while being directly involved with original, archaeological discovery and research among the ruins of the ancient Maya in Belize, Central America. The field school topics will include survey and mapping methods, excavation methods, ancient Maya culture, material culture analysis, soils identification, Belizean culture, and tropical forest ecology.  For more information about the class, click here.