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Minor in Coaching

Coursework includes classes that address physical, social, psychological and managerial topics related to coaching as well as injury care and prevention. This minor prepares future coaches interested in youth sports, community recreation leagues, scholastic sport (elementary through high school) and intercollegiate athletics. 

Students who minor in coaching will….
Learn how to construct efficient practice plans; how to motivate athletes;
how to build group cohesion and team culture; and so much more!

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Minor requirements

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A minor in Coaching requires the following courses:

Choose one course from the following:

  • PEH 125 Skills and Activities for Teaching Lifetime Sports
  • PEH 126 Skills and Activities for Teaching Team Sports
2 sh
PEH 212 Sports Injury Care and Prevention 2 sh
PEH 310Motor Learning Theory for Teaching and Coaching4 sh
PEH 345 Principles of Coaching4 sh
PEH423Physical Education Pedagogy, Grades 6-124 sh
PEH 481Internship in Coaching2 sh
18 sh

The Coaching Minor curriculum is based on the national coaching standards developed by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE).  Competencies are addressed from each of the NASPE domains.

  • Domain 1:  Philosophy and Ethics
  • Domain 2:  Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Domain 3:  Physical Conditioning
  • Domain 4:  Growth and Development
  • Domain 5:  Teaching and Communication
  • Domain 6:  Sport Skills and Tactics
  • Domain 7:  Organization and Administration
  • Domain 8:  Evaluation

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