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Physical Education and Health Major

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

The Department of Health and Human Performance offers a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education and health. As a physical education and health major, you will benefit from small classes and strong mentoring relationships with your professors. Elon prepares you for physical and health education – a model that is considered ideal preparation by K-12 school professionals yet uncommon in many colleges and universities. Here, you will have many opportunities for hands-on learning as you choose from a variety of field experiences and practicum’s.

Now is an exciting time to enter the field of physical education and health. This profession is just beginning to tackle our nation’s growing problem with inactivity and its associated risk factors to children. Physical education and health have never been more needed for our nation’s youth.

Ready to get started?

A major in Physical Education and Health requires the following courses:

DAN 115 Folk, Square and Social Dance Pedagogy  2 sh
PED 109 Aerobic Conditioning and Weight Training 1 sh
PEH 125 Skills and Activities for Teaching 2 sh
PEH 126 Skills and Activities for Teaching Team Sports 2 sh
PEH 211 Foundations of Physical Education, Health 2 sh
PEH 305 Legal Aspects and Adapted Physical Education 4 sh
PEH  310 Motor Learning Theory for Teaching and Coaching 4 sh
PEH 324  Nutrition 4 sh
PEH 325 Substance Abuse and Human Behavior 4 sh
PEH 360  Physical Education Pedagogy (K-5) 4 sh
PEH 411 Measurement and Evaluation 4 sh
PEH 423 Physical Education Pedagogy (Grades 6-12) 4 sh
PEH 427 Health Education Pedagogy (Grades 6-12) 2 sh
ESS 321 Biomechanics 4 sh
ESS 422 Physiology of Exercise  4 sh
BIO 263 Human Anatomy 4 sh
BIO 264 Human Physiology 4 sh


55 sh

Students must show proof of valid First Aid/CPR certification anytime prior to graduation.

Licensure Requirements:

EDU 402 Explorations Capstone Seminar I for Middle Grades, K-12 and Secondary Majors 1 sh
EDU 403 Explorations Capstone Seminar II 2 sh
EDU 355 Teaching in 21st Century Classrooms 4 sh
EDU 481 Supervised Observation and Student Teaching 10 sh
CIS 220 Technology in Teaching and Learning 3 sh
PSY 321 Educational Psychology 4 sh
SOC 243 Sociology in Education 4 sh
28 sh

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