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Academic Year 2014-15


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National and International Fellowships, Scholarships & Grants

  • Taylor Davis ’15 was recognized as the ASBMB 2015 Undergraduate Poster Competition Winner.
  • Brooke Jenkins ’15 was a Presser Foundation Undergraduate Scholar.
  • Chelsea Lindsay ’15 received a ThanksUSA Scholarship.
  • Lauren Sutherland was awarded a Mabelle Arole Fellowship.
  • Omolayo Ojo ’15 was awarded a David L. Boren Scholarship to study in Senegal, a Fulbright to teach in France, and was a finalist for the Truman Scholarship.
  • Julie Phillips ’15 was chosen as an alternate for the Fulbright Award at Aberystwyth University and was recognized with second prize for the Jim Winkates Best Graduate Student Paper Award at International Studies Association-South Conference.
  • Brenda Reavis ’15 was awarded the University of Chicago Faculty Leadership Promise Award.
  • Mary Rouse ’15 received a Fulbright Postgraduate UK Study Grant.
  • Alex Ward ’14 received a Princeton in Asia Fellowship.

State and Local Fellowships, Scholarships, Grants & Awards

  • Callie Crew ’15 received the David M. Bowden Economics Scholarship.
  • Taylor Davis ’15 received a Brannock Scholarship, Elon Chemistry Department Junior Achievement Award, and was a recipient of the Glen Raven.
  • Rachel Fishman ’15 was a recipient of the Kathy Manning Awareness Award.
  • Will Frauenfelder ’15 was a recipient of the Philip Vance Cates Memorial Scholarship, Hattie M. Strong Foundation Scholarship, and a SAS Scholar Award.
  • Kathryn Jeffords ’15 received an Angels of 97 Scholarship.
  • Brooke Jenkins ’15 was a Rawls Scholar.
  • Chelsea McQueen ’15 received a Black Excellence Award and was a recipient of the Peabody Honors Scholarship and Watson Scholarship.
  • Rachel Mehaffey ’15 received a Dance Departmental Senior Award and a North Carolina Dance Alliance Scholarship.
  • Omolayo Ojo ’15 was a Kenan Scholar, received a World Languages Award, PERCs Outstanding Ethnography Award, and Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellows Award, was awarded the OAIC Student Organization Officer of the Year, and received a Phillps-Perry Black Excellence Award all 4 years.
  • Brenda Reavis ’15 was recognized as a Seena Granowsky Outstanding Student in Psychology and awarded a Phillps-Perry Black Excellence Award.
  • Mary Rouse ’15 received an Isabella Cannon Department of Political Science Award and a Griswold Watts Department of Political Science Award.
  • Lori Schachle ’15 received a Rawls scholarship.
  • Rebecca Schneider ‘15 was awarded a Jane M. Baird Scholarship, received a grant through the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU) Undergraduate Research Program, and received The Glen Raven Endowment for Undergraduate Research in the Sciences Scholarship.
  • Marquessa “Kate” Smith-Lin ‘15 was awarded a Department of Economics Endowed Scholarship and a Student Achievement in Economics Award.
  • Lauren Sutherland ’15 received a CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Award and a JJ Drummond Chemistry Scholarship.

The Lumen Prize: Elon’s most prestigious research award.

Class of 2017: Nicole Ackman, Ben Bridges, Nicole Doolen, Peter Jakes, Beth Lester, Justin Morin, Michelle Reissig, Maryclaire Schulz, Carly Weddle

Class of 2016: Michelle Alfini, Zachary Fisher, Kathleen Hupfeld, Claire Lockard,  Helen Meskhidze,  Sarah Vaughan

Class of 2015: Taylor Davis, Rachel Mehaffey, Omolayo Ojo, Mary Rouse, Marquessa Smith-Lin, Lauren Sutherland


  • Kathleen Caler '15 presented her research at CAA Conferences.
  • Callie Crew ’15 presented her research at the Eastern Economics-IPE Conference.
  • Taylor Davis ’15 presented her research at the South Eastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society and the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology National Meeting, and was published in Journal of Visualized Experiments.
  • Rachel Fishman ’15 presented her research at the Association of Business Communication International Conference and published her article on “Student & Faculty Perspectives on Motivation to Collaborate in Service Learning Classrooms" in Business Communication Quarterly.
  • Drew Forte ’15 presented his research at the 2014 NIRSA Region 2 Conference in Richmond, VA.
  • Kristen Iler ’15 presented her research at the Carolinas Psychology Conference.
  • Brooke Jenkins ’15 presented her research at the Millennium Music Conference and the Cape May Singer-Songwriter Conference.
  • Chelsea McQueen ’15 presented her research to the Association of Women in Psychology 2015 and at the Conference on African American Culture and Experience.
  • Rachel Mehaffey ’15 presented her research at the Congress on Research in Dance/Society of Dance History Scholars joint conference, National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Spokane, and Bridging Boundaries through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Cork, Ireland.
  • Omolayo Ojo ’15 presented her research at the International Studies Southern Conference, Conference on African American & African Diasporic Cultures and Experience, and Southern Anthropological Conference.
  • Sarah Paterson ’15 presented her research to the Association for Business Communication and at the Conference for College Composition and Communication.
  • Julie Phillips ’15 presented her research at the International Studies Association-South Conference and the European Conference on the Study of Teaching and Learning.
  • Kate Phinney ’15 presented her choreography for the American College Dance Association.
  • Brenda Reavis ’15 presented her research at the Conference on African American & African Diasporic Cultures and Experience.
  • Mary Rouse ’15 presented her research at the International Studies Association South and the Pi Sigma Alpha National Conference.
  • Rebecca Schneider ’15 presented her research at the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  • Marquessa “Kate” Smith-Lin ’15 presented her research for the Eastern Economic Association and the Midwestern Economic Association.
  • Lauren Sutherland ‘15 presented her research at the American Society for Cell Biology and the Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.
  • Matthew Trogdon ’15 was published for his undergraduate research in economics in Issues in Political Economy.
  • Sarah Zierhoffer ’15 presented at the NCCTM (North Carolina Council of Teachers of Math) Fall meeting and at the NCTM (National Council of teachers of math) Annual Meeting in Boston.

NCUR: National Conference on Undergraduate Research:

Lauren Corbin ’15, Callie Crew ’15, Matthew Feather ’15, Will Fraudenfelder ’15, Kathryn Jeffords ’15, Nicole Panaggio ’15, Sarah Paterson ’15, Jenna Pederson ’15, Julie Phillips ’15, Mary Rouse ’15, Lori Schachle ’15, Rebecca Schneider ’15, Marquessa “Kate” Smith-Lin ’15, Lauren Sutherland ’15


SURF: Student Undergraduate Research Forum:

Katie Caler, Lauren Corbin, Callie Crew, Taylor Davis, Julianne Erickson, Matthew Feather, Drew Forte, Kristen Iler, Kathryn Jeffords, Brooke Jenkins, Chelsea Lindsay, Chelsea McQueen, Rachel Mehaffey, Omolayo Ojo, Nicole Panaggio, Sarah Paterson, Nicole Payne, Julie Phillips, Brenda Reavis, Mary Rouse, Lori Schachle, Rebecca Schneider, Katherine Shafer, Marquessa (Kate) Smith-Lin, Matthew Trogdon, Sarah Zierhoffer

SURE: Summer Undergraduate Research Experience:

Taylor Davis, Julianne Erickson, Rachel Fishman, Chelsea McQueen, Rachel Mehaffey, Nicole Panaggio, Brenda Reavis, Rebecca Scheider, Lauren Sutherland, Sarah Zierhoffer


Phi Beta Kappa: The oldest and most prestigious honors society in the country honoring excellence in the liberal arts and sciences: Taylor Davis ’15, Callie Crew ’15, Rachel Fishman ’15, Will Fraudenfelder ’15, Julie Phillips ’15, Mary Rouse ’15, Lori Schachle ’15, Marquessa “Kate” Smith-Lin ’15

Omicron Delta Kappa: National leadership honor society recognizing high-achieving students in the areas of scholarship, athletics, campus/community service and activities, journalism and media, and creative and performing arts: Omolayo Ojo ‘15, Brenda Reavis ‘15, Lori Schachle ‘15

Phi Eta Sigma: Class of 2017: Ben Bridges, Gabby Corner, Nicole Doolen, Hannah Fernandes-Martin, Peter Jakes, Cas Levy, Justin Morin, Gabby Resh, Lauren Salig, Maryclaire Schulz, Hannah Silvers