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The Coffee Klatch is an great opportunity for the intellectual engagement for all Elon students. Each semester, students gather after select campus events for coffee, dessert and stimulating conversation. Until there is a website to publicize these events, the Honors Progam wants to make sure interested students know about these opportunities. Below, please find the Spring 2014 Coffee Klatch schedule.

March 3: Edward Felten, "TMI: Information Identity, and Privacy" (Talk: McCrary Theater, 7:30; Coffee Klatch: Isabella Cannon Room)
March 5: Sudhir Venkatesh, "Unusual Economy Lesson from Inner City Life" (Talk: Whitley Auditorium, 7:30; Coffee Klatch: in West Parlor)
March 13: Samual Moyn, "How Did they Holocaust and Human Rights Intersect (and Was It a Good Thing)?" (Talk: Numen Lumen Pavilion, 7:30; Coffee Klatch: Numen Lumen Pavilion)
April 2: Earl Danieley, "A Conversation with President Emeritus J. Earl Danieley" (Talk: Alumni Gym, 3:30; Coffee Klatch:Ward Octagon)
April 15: Tom Mould, "The Art and Artifice of the Tales We Tell" (Talk: LaRose at 6:30; Coffee Klatch: Koury Business Center Room 145)



Istanbul has been a cultural crossroads for millennia. This Honors Fellows course open to first year students uses the city of Istanbul itself as a classroom, encouraging students to explore the city as a site of historical and religious significance and to investigate the contemporary relevance of this city to East and West. Read the recent student blogs for a glimpse into what past students have learned  about Turkey and sites such as the Hagia Sophia, the Sultan’s Palace, the Blue Mosque, ancient cisterns, the Grand Bazaar, Theodosian Walls, and the ruins of Ephesus.

Turkey 2014
Turkey 2013


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