Honors Program

About Our Program

Elon's Honors Program began in 1974 and has evolved over the years as Elon has grown, transforming into a university with a number of different Fellows programs. The Honors Program underwent a self-study and made significant program changes that took effect in fall semester 2003. The Honors Fellows Guidelines provide detailed information about the program requirements and benefits.


The Honors Program seeks to:

  • Help Honors Fellows expand their minds by encountering new ideas in small, discussion-based and innovative liberal arts and sciences courses
  • Improve students' critical thinking, research and communication skills
  • Provide an intellectual community in and extending beyond the classroom walls
  • Challenge and support Honors Fellows in the highest possible academic achievements, culminating in an independent thesis
  • Prepare students to excel in graduate or professional pursuits as independent, hard-working, open-minded, lifelong learners and honorable community members.

Some Benefits of Elon’s Honors Fellows Program

  • A community of bright, curious, hard-working students
  • $13,500 Honors Scholarship applied to tuition, plus $6000 Presidential Scholarship, totaling $19,500 annually, or $78,000 over the four years of the program. 
  • Small, innovative courses developed specially for the Honors Program
  • Strong faculty support-as teachers, mentors, and advisors
  • Two Honors living and learning communities available (Kenan Pavilion and Colonnades C)
  • Thesis research with a faculty mentor:  in-depth study in your major over junior and senior years
  • Thesis research grant of up to $1000 (other opportunities through the Undergraduate Research Program)
  • Study abroad grant of $1000 for Elon-approved programs
  • Colloquium opportunities and incentives
  • Honors Elon 101 class (first year advising seminar)
  • Peer mentor system
  • Information and advising related to national fellowships and Lumen scholarships.