Honors Program

Program Requirements

In order to graduate from the Honors Program, a student must:

  • Abide by Elon's Honor Code.
  • Perform well in Honors courses (3.0 GPA) and all coursework (3.3 GPA) while taking a challenging courseload.
  • Complete the entire Honors curriculum in the assigned fashion, including The Global Experience, a first-year seminar, two team-taught interdisciplinary seminars, and completion of the Honors thesis, with eight hours of academic credit distributed across the junior and senior years.
  • Write a thoughtful and thorough report evaluating one's performance each year.
  • Complete Colloquium requirements for attendance at intellectual and cultural events outside the classroom (six semesters; 5 events each semester).
  • Perform two instances of service to the Honors Program.

Further details about these requirements can be found in the Honors contract. If you have questions, please contact Tammy Womack, Tom Mould or Barbara Miller.