Honors Program

Additional Research Opportunities

Each Honors student participates in undergraduate research. Some will be performed as part of class requirements, and some will be done independently under the supervision of faculty mentors. 

Funding to cover research expenses is available for some projects through Elon's Undergraduate Research Program. There are summer, travel, and general research grants available.

There are also opportunities to present the results of your research at a variety of conferences. Some conferences are hosted by particular disciplines and you should ask your professors about them. In addition, there is also a National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) which a group of top Elon students attends every year. Many of the expenses are paid for by the Undergraduate Research Program, which also provides applications and information.

Elon's Honors Program is affiliated with a number of Honors associations which hold annual conferences as well. The North Carolina Honors Association usually holds its conference in mid-September. The Southern Regional Honors Conference holds its meeting in the spring, and the National Collegiate Honors Conference in November. Check their websites for more specific information about how to submit proposals, and keep your eyes open for announcements for when Elon is inviting students to attend.