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Isabella Cannon Global Education Center Faculty Fellow

The GEC Faculty Fellow works toward the internationalizing of Elon's campus.  Particulars of the position:

  • The position would be nine months yearly, typically for two years with a possible extension for another two years.
  • The Fellow would be awarded two course releases per year.
  • The Fellow would maintain his/her faculty office but would be expected to have regular office hours at the GEC.
  • The Fellow would report to the Dean of Global Studies for his/her Fellow-related activity.

The Faculty Fellow would work with the Dean and staff of GEC to support the Center's goal of internationalizing the campus.  The Fellow would not be involved in the general day-to-day operations, but would rather help the GEC in particular areas, including the following:

  1. Creating a new developmental outcomes assessment tool for study abroad.
  2. Acting as a liaison between the GEC and the faculty.  This would include helping the Center to assure that its programs are meeting the needs and expectations of the faculty.
  3. Assisting the GEC in developing faculty workshops for WT programs and handbooks/orientation for faculty teaching in our Center programs.
  4. Serving on both the GEC Advisory Committee and the Study Abroad Committee.
  5. Mentoring faculty in developing proposals for short-term faculty-led programs.


Proposals should include the candidate’s CV plus a one-page description of how the candidate’s experience and interests align with the position.  Proposals will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the GEC Advisory Committee.  Finalists will be invited for an interview.   This group will make a recommendation to the Provost, who will appoint the Fellow. 

Applicants must be full-time faculty.   Criteria considered will be experience in leading study abroad groups, other scholarship or experiences abroad, and demonstrated interest in the internationalizing of Elon.     

Current and Previous Faculty Fellows

Donna Van Bodegraven, spring 2012 to present
Betty Morgan
, spring 2009 to fall 2011