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Isabella Cannon Global Education Center Committees

GEC Advisory Committee

The GEC Advisory Committee supports and offers advice on all aspects of the Global Education Center.   It is made up of faculty members from the various colleges and schools, except for the Elon University School of Law, and various staff members who have close relationships with the Global Education Center, including the Director of the International Pavilion, the GEC Library Liaison, and the Director of International Admissions.  The following positions in the GEC are members of the GEC Advisory Committee: the Dean of International Programs, Director of Study Abroad, Director of International Students and Scholars, the Director of El Centro, the GEC Faculty Fellow, and the Associate Director of Study Abroad.

Faculty members are appointed for three years by the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs in consultation with the Dean of International Programs and based on expressed interest.

Particular responsibilities of the Committee include vetting proposals for faculty-in-residence at the Elon Centers Abroad, advising International Education Week, and developing and monitoring of the five-year International Elon Plan.

Richard Mihans (term 2010-2013) - Dept. of Education

Hui-Hua Chang (term 2011-2014) - Dept. of History
Amanda Sturgill  (term 2011-2014) - Dept. of Communications
Betsy Stevens, Co-Chair (term 2011-2014) - Dept. of Management

Larry Basirico (term 2012-2015) - Dept. of Sociology
Aunchalee Palmquist (term 2012-2015) - Dept. of Anthropology
Glenn Scott (term 2012-2015) - Dept. of Communications

Amy Allocco - Faculty Advisor in Residence for the International Pavilion
Brooke Barnette - Senior Fellow and Advisor to the President
Cheryl Borden/Cindy Barr - Dept. of Admissions
Sundeep Mahendra - Library Liason
Brian Digre - Coordinator of the International Studies Major
Francois Masuka - Director of International Student and Faculty Scholar Services
Sylvia Munoz - Director of the Spanish Center
Woody Pelton, Chair - Dean of Global Studies
Kevin Morrison, Director of Study Abroad and Assistant Dean of Global Studies
Paul Geis - Associate Director of Study Abroad

Study Abroad Committee

The Study Abroad Committee (SAC) is a standing committee appointed by the Academic Council.  Faculty members representing all of the colleges and schools, except for the Elon University School of Law, are appointed.   There are eight or nine faculty members, each with a three-year appointment.  The Director of General Studies is also part of the SAC.   Representing the GEC, but without a vote, are the Dean of Global Studies, Director of Study Abroad, and the GEC Faculty Fellow.

The role of the SAC is to act as a proxy of the Curriculum Committee in approving courses proposed for short-term faculty-led programs abroad.  In addition to reviewing and deciding on approval of the proposals, the SAC approves policy decisions related to short-term faculty-led programs and offers advice to new faculty members in putting forward proposals.   

Art Cassill, Chair for 2011-2012 (term 2010-2013) -  Business
Laurin Kier, Co-chair for 2012-2013 (term 2010-2013) - Social Sciences
Frances Ward-Johnson, Co-chair for 2012-2013 (term 2010-2013) - Communications

Jim Brown (term 2011-2014) - Social Sciences
Terry Tomasek (term 2011-2014) - Education

Judy Esposito (term 2012-2015) - Social Sciences
Mina Garcia-Soormally (term 2012-2015) - Arts and Humanities
Martin Kamela (term 2012-2015) - Mathematics and Sciences

Jeffrey Coker, Director of General Studies (ex-officio)
Woody Pelton, Dean of Global Studies (non-voting member)
Donna Van Bodegraven, GEC Faculty Fellow (non-voting member)
Kevin Morrison, Director of Study Abroad and Assistant Dean of Global Studies (non-voting member)