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Fulbright Opportunities for Elon Faculty and Staff

The Fulbright Scholar Program offers U.S. faculty, administrators and professionals grants to lecture, conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields, or to participate in seminars.  The Fulbright Program, the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government, is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. 

Oppotunities for Elon Faculty for the 2014-15 Academic Year:

  • Core Fulbright Program- The core Fulbright Scholar Program sends 800 U.S. faculty and professionals abroad each year. Grantees lecture and conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields. Deadline: August 1, 2013
  • Distinguished Chair Awards - Awards in the Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Program are viewed as among the most prestigious appointments in the Fulbright Scholar Program. Candidates should be senior scholars and have a significant publication and teaching record. Deadline: August 1, 2013
  • Fulbright Specialist Program - The Fulbright Specialist Program is designed to provide short-term academic opportunities (two to six weeks) for U.S. faculty and professionals. Shorter grant lengths give Specialist greater flexibility to pursue a grant that works best with their current academic or professional. Rolling Deadline
  • Fulbright German Studies Seminar - Participate in a group seminar on current German society and culture. Participants in this seminar gain a firsthand look into how Germany’s political, economic and cultural systems deal with contemporary issues. For U.S. scholars, the engagement in substantive dialogue with political, academic, scientific, journalistic and cultural leaders in Germany can strengthen research and teaching.
    Deadline: October 15, 2013

Opportunities for Elon Staff for the 2014-15 Academic Year:

Fulbright International Education Administrator - These IEA seminars are designed to introduce participants to the society, culture and higher education systems in France, Germany, United Kingdom, India, Japan or Korea through campus visits, meetings with foreign colleagues and government officials, attendance at cultural events and briefings on education. Participants gain new perspective on the need to internationalize U.S. campuses and insight into how it can be done. Deadlines for Germany, France and United Kingdom - Feb. 1, 2014; India - August 1, 2013; Korea and Japan - November 1, 2013

Additional resources and information:

  • Fulbright Flex Awards - In order to engage U.S. scholars currently unable to spend extended periods of time abroad, the Fulbright Program welcomes applications from scholars who propose multiple stays of one to three months in the host country over a period of two to three years
  • Fulbright Postdoctoral/Early Career Grants  - The Fulbright program is eager to engage postdoctoral and early career academics, offering opportunities in a range of countries and fields. These awards present an excellent opportunity for recently minted scholars to deepen their expertise, to acquire new skills, to work with additional resources and to make connections with others in their fields.
  • Salary Stipend Supplements - For 2014-2015, scholars on teaching or teaching/research grants may be eligible to receive a salary supplement stipend to bring the amount to the same level as salary, up to a maximum.
  • 10 Things you may not know about Fulbright (pdf)
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