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Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs and GBL (Global) courses: Proposal Information

Program Proposal Deadlines    

Deadlines for 2015-2016


Fall Break travel embedded and Winter short-term (credit or non-credit bearing) Spring Break travel-embedded and Summer short-term (credit or non-credit bearing)
Study Abroad Sept. 15 (13-17 months prior to departure) Feb. 15 (13-17 months prior to departure)
Study USA Nov. 15 (11-14 months prior to departure) Apr. 15 (11-14 months prior to departure)

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To PROPOSE a new off-campus short-term faculty-led program or experience

To PROPOSE a new on-campus course with a GBL (Global) prefix

To REVISE an existing course or program with the GBL prefix

All such proposals must be submitted via the SharePoint system used for on-campus courses and will be considered by the members of the Global Education Curriculum Committee (GECC)   if submitted according to the deadlines listed above.  For guidelines and procedures, read this document

Prepare the documents as indicated in the guidelines and procedures in the document referenced above. Click on the link below and select “Submit a Curriculum Proposal”. Log in with your Elon user name (including @elon.edu) and password.



Previous August 2015 versions found below: 

Examples of Successful Short-Term Faculty-Led Program Proposals*

*Note: These proposals were approved prior to the Sharepoint application available above.  Please reference these examples for content, not formatting specifics.