International Students

Driver License, Social Security, & I.D. Information

Driver Licenses

International students are able to get North Carolina driver licenses.  Visit the North Carolina Department of Transportation website for full information about obtaining a North Carolina driver license.

Students will have to present certain documents at the time of application: proof of residency, proof of age and identification, and proof of liability insurance

The greatest challenge international students often face in getting a driver license is obtaining proof of liability insurance.  In the U.S., automobile insurance is usually associated with the purchase or lease of an automobile.  Students who do not own an automobile will need to acquire auto insurance for non-owners.  In the past students have been able to get insurance for non-owners by calling Progressive Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, or Allstate Insurance.

Please note that insurance information is provided as a courtesy and does not constitute an endorsement of any product, service, or organization.  

Social Security Numbers

Students may only obtain a social security number if they have received an offer of employment.  For more information on legal employment in the U.S., please refer to the Employment and Taxes page.

Students who have been offered legal employment may make an appointment with the GEC to visit the Social Security Administration office and apply for a social security number.  

To be granted a social security number, the student must present the following:

F-1 students participating in Curricular Practical Training must be sure the GEC has authorized such training and that they have the proper pages to the I-20.

For complete information on obtaining a social security number, please visit the Social Security Administration's website

State-issued Identification

International students without a driver license may be issued a state of North Carolina identification card.  Refer to the NCDOT website for instructions on obtaining a North Carolina identification card.