International Students

Health and Safety Information

R.N. Ellington Health Center

Elon’s on-campus health center offers medical and counseling services to university students, faculty, and staff.  Physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, and licensed counselors are available.  Services include immunizations, gynecological exams, allergy vaccines and influenza vaccines for an additional charge.

Many visits to the health center are free of charge, but students pay small charges for physical exams, medications, lab tests, procedures, and medical supply items.  Students may be referred off-campus to a specialist.  The cost of these visits should be covered by the student's health insurance, except for any co-pay or deductible. 

Visit the Health Services website for more information.

Required Immunizations

In the state of North Carolina, all students attending colleges and universities are required to submit a proof of physical examination of wellness and a certificate of immunizations.  The required forms can be downloaded from the health services website.

Ask your doctor to provide this statement in English and return this form to the GEC.

Prescription Medications

If you are taking any prescription medications, make sure to bring the English name of the medication, as well as an English copy of the prescription.  Before you can obtain a refill, you must take your prescription to the Health Services Center to
have it rewritten.  You may then have your prescription filled at any pharmacy.  If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses,
make sure to bring that prescription as well, and you may wish to bring extra glasses.

International Student Health Insurance & Waiver

All students are required to carry health insurance during their time at Elon University.  The GEC recommends students carry the recommended Elon insurance, as the GEC is able to assist with filing claims and other matters under this insurance.  Students will be billed for health insurance unless they demonstrate to the GEC that they have a policy that provides coverage equal to or better than the Elon recommended policy.  All policies must be written in English and have English-speaking customer service representatives.

To view the Elon recommended policy, click here.

To inquire about waiving the Elon recommended policy, please send an e-mail to Amanda Zamzes at  Waiving a policy is subject to verification.  Please submit appopriate documentation along with the policy.


Most health insurance policies, including the one provided by Elon University, do not include vision or dental plans.  If you want vision or dental coverage, you may need to purchase supplemental policies.



In the U.S., you can dial 911 on any phone to get immediate access to the police, fire department, or ambulance service.

Elon campus security can also be reached at 336-278-5555 or by dialing x5555 from the Emergency Call Boxes on campus.  The campus police are available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

For any on-campus problems or emergencies, residence hall assistants (R.A.s) are trained to help.  R.A.s live in the residence halls and will introduce themselves during orientation.

Personal Safety

Although Elon is a very safe place, it is always wise to be careful, especially at night.  Elon University offers E-rides so that students do not have to walk home by themselves late at night.  Do not hesitate to contact Campus police whenever necessary.