Isabella Cannon Global Education Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center (GEC) is to foster the development of an interculturally competent and globally aware campus community. To achieve this broad vision, the GEC will

  • Support the recruitment of international students, faculty and staff, including advising on issues of immigration and labor laws
  • Foster a welcoming and supportive environment for Elon’s international students, faculty, staff and scholars
  • Provide all Elon undergraduate students with access to meaningful opportunities to study, engage in service learning, participate in internships and/or conduct research in a wide variety of international settings
  • Collaborate with faculty and academic departments to assist in designing and promoting
    • appropriate study abroad opportunities for their majors/minors
    • professional development opportunities for faculty abroad
    • workshops to support the internationalization of the curriculum
  • Facilitate opportunities that allow international students, scholars and faculty, as well as returned study abroad students, to share their experiences
  • Enhance the conversational skills in foreign languages of Elon’s students, faculty and staff
  • Develop and coordinate programming on campus that will contribute to the development of interculturally competent and globally aware students and Elon community members
  • Serve as an international resource for the Alamance County community
  • Encourage Elon students to pursue international opportunities after graduation

Global Engagement Student Goals

Through courses and experiences that carry the GBL (“global”) prefix, students will address many, if not all, of the following goals:

  • Critically evaluate one’s own culture and biases.
  • Develop self-awareness and self-confidence through exposure to and reflection on difference.
  • Problem-solve and function within an unfamiliar context.
  • Interact and communicate effectively with those from another culture or background using appropriate cultural and linguistic strategies. 
  • Reflect on how understanding language is essential to understanding other cultures.
  • Understand the multiple dimensions of human experience within and across cultures and environments (also Core Curriculum goal #5).
  • Analyze the interconnectedness of global systems.  
  • Examine one’s responsibilities as an active global citizen informed by multiple cultural perspectives.

Isabella Cannon Global Education Center (GEC)

Physical Address:
Global Commons 360
Global Neighborhood, North Campus

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Fax: (336)-278-6692
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2375 Campus Box
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Office Hours:
8 AM to 5 PM, US EST Time
Closed on all university holidays