Study Abroad

Application Instructions

Before completing your online application, BE SURE you have read the entire program-specific webpage for the program to which you are applying.

By submitting an online application, you are beginning a process that will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have during your time at Elon University.  In order to make the process as efficient as possible, you must read the application instructions and then complete and submit all required items for a complete application by the application deadline.  Your ability to submit the required items on time and with accurate information will assist us in determining your eligibility for a study abroad program.  Your application will not be reviewed until all required items are submitted.  You may only submit an application for one program per term.

All applications require a $400 deposit which can be paid by credit card or electronic check.  The deposit will be applied to the cost of the program.

Deposit payments take up to two business days to process, so it is highly suggested that deposit payments are made at least 24 hours prior to the application deadline so that you will receive confirmation of your deposit being received (and the application deposit requirement is marked as received) before the application deadline.  If you have questions on the deposit payment, contact the Bursar's Office.

Some programs may also require application essays.

Below are the essay prompt questions for summer and semester applications. Please use this as a reference if you would like to work on your essay prior to the application being available on the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center website.


Study abroad at Elon University seeks to promote personal, academic and cultural growth.  With these goals in mind, please consider the questions below in composing your essays.

The essays are the first step in preparing to go abroad and one of the key factors in the selection process. In preparing to write the essays, you should think seriously about why you have chosen this program, do some background reading, visit the internet and the Elon Writing Center, review course notes, and/or interview faculty and previous participants. The essays are a substantive part of the application. If you use sources other than your own knowledge and experience, appropriate documentation MUST be included within the essay documents. The Elon University Academic Honor Code requirements apply to this document.

Study Abroad Applications:

These essay questions should be responded to one by one for the online application:

1. What led you to select this particular study abroad program? (Your response should be between 200-400 words, approximately one standard double-spaced page).

2. In what ways do you think the culture(s) of the country(ies) you will visit will be the same as the culture of the United States?  In what ways do you expect the culture(s) to be different? (Your response should be between 200-400 words, approximately one standard double-spaced page).

3. How will you prepare yourself for the differences in culture, academics, and so on?  How do you think you will be challenged by these differences? (Your response should be between 200-400 words, approximately one standard double-spaced page).



To begin an application for a program, first search for a program brochure page for which you would like to apply, and then click "apply now" at the top or bottom of the page.

You do not need to complete your application in one sitting.  To go back to your saved application, click the "login" button on the left menu of the study abroad website or click on the "Login to MyElonGlobal" button on the right side of the main page.

Visit the application process page for information about the steps after you have completed your application.

Information on applying for an Independent Elon Program Abroad (IEPA) or a Non-Elon Study Abroad Programs can be found on the webpages for those types of programs.