Study Abroad

Budget Sheets

Each study abroad program brochure page contains budget sheets with specific financial information based on the term of the program.  To view a budget sheet, first search for the specific program  (e.g. Spain, Seville: Liberal Arts [CIEE]).  There are two ways to locate the budget sheets for the term you are interested in.  You can click on the budget sheet link for the term at the top of the brochure page (as shown in the screen shot below).

Program brochure with yellow arrow

Additionally, you can click on the hyperlink for the budget sheet for the term you are interested in under the "Cost" section of the brochure page (as shown in the screen shot below).
Budget sheets will change from term to term, and year to year.  Be sure that you are viewing the term of planned study abroad.  A screen shot showing a sample budget is below.  The first part of the budget is Billable costs, which are the costs you will pay directly to Elon.  Elon then pays the provider overseas.  The Non-billable costs represent an estimate of other costs for the term abroad.  Each student's personal expenses will be different, so students should develop their own personal budget based on their spending experience here on campus, exchange rates, and planned personal travel while abroad.

Budget sheet details

You will notice that the Billable costs (noted with an asterisk above) are divided into 3 elements: Elon tuition, insurance, and the study abroad fee.  The Elon tuition listed is the same that would be paid on campus that same semester, and is broken out to assure that any scholarships or other financial assistance applies to the term abroad.  International Health Insurance is a health insurance policy which is further explained elsewhere on the International Health Insurance Page.  The Study Abroad Fee is the difference between the cost of delivering the program abroad and the Elon tuition + insurance.  Costs vary from program to program, as do the services provided.  An example is shown below of the explanation of benefits of a given program.

It is very important that you read the notes section of the budget sheets for important information regarding the Billable and Non-billable costs listed. 

If you want to compare the Billable costs of the study abroad program with the cost of a semester at Elon, visit the websites of the Bursar's Office or the Office of Financial Planning.

Additional Information on Funding for Study Abroad (including information on scholarships) can be found on our Funding for Study Abroad website.