Study Abroad

General Resources and Publications for International Opportunties
(for working, interning, teaching, volunteering, etc.)

Here is a list of good resources for general subject matters.

General Resources:

Cultural Intelligence: A Guide to Working with People from Other Cultures by Brooks Peterson. Intercultural Press, 2004.

Delaying the Real World: A Twenty-something's Guide to Seeking Adventure *Roam the Globe*Find a Cool Job* Make the World a Better Place by Colleen Kinder. Perseus Publishing, 2005.

Don't Go!: 51 Reasons Not to Travel Abroad, But if You Must... 176 Tactics for Coping with Discomforts, Distress and Danger by Hannah Blank. Prism Corp, 1997.

Getting Out: The Complete Guide to Leaving the United States and Living Abroad by Mark Ehrman. Process, 2006.

How to Travel the World Free as an International Tour Director by Gerald Mitchell. Electronic & Database Publishing, Inc., 2008.

Survival Kit for Overseas Living:For Americans Planning to Live and Work Abroad by L. Robert Kohls. Nicholas Brealey Publishing; 4th edition, 2001.


Abroad View Magazine

Alternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Third World and US Volunteer Opportunities (Jennifer S. Willsea, Megan Reule) Food First; 7th edition, 1996.

International Studies Perspectives*

International Studies Review (Blackwell Publishing)

International Studies Quarterly*

Foreign Policy Analysis*

Foreign Affairs

Glimpse Magazine

International Educator

Careers in International Affairs (edited by Maria Pinto Carland and Michael Trucano) Georgetown University Press; 6th edition, 1996.

NAFSA releases new publications in the field annually

NAFSA Getting Started: A Guide for New Education Abroad Advisers

The Peace Corps and More: 175 Ways to Work, Study, and Travel at Home & Abroad (Medea Benjamin, Miya Rodolfo-Sioson), Global Exchange Sever Locks Press; Upd Sub edition, 1997.

Working, Interning, and Volunteering Abroad

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