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Study Abroad Cancellation Insurance Information

Many factors can impact any kind of travel that we do, whether it is for educational, business, or personal reasons.  It is possible that unexpected events such as an illness or a family crisis could require you to cancel your participation in a program, or return home in the middle of a program.  Also, there always exists the risk that situations beyond our control, such as an earthquake or pandemic, could lead to program interruption or cancellation.  Elon makes non-refundable payments to our study abroad vendors on students' behalf well in advance of travel, and it is often impossible to recoup those payments.

For these reasons, we recommend that participants in Elon study abroad programs purchase insurance to help protect their travel investment. 

Winter Term Study Abroad Students

Cancellation insurance is included in the Winter Term study abroad program cost, and students will be automatically enrolled. Please note that the maximum coverage amount for Winter Term 2014 is $5000 or $7000, depending on the individual program.

Semester (Fall and Spring) and Summer Study Abroad Students

Cancellation insurance is NOT included in the study abroad program cost but is available as an option to students and their families.  There are many providers of cancellation insurance, and we have provided just one example from a company we have used in the past. 

Click here to enroll in iTravel Insured cancellation insurance for summer or semester programs.

Cancellation insurance goes into effect at 12:01 AM the day after the enrollment is received.

Deadlines for Cancellation Insurance Enrollment for Semester and Summer programs

Travelers may purchase the policy no later than 24 hours (one day) before departure.

Additional Information on Cancellation Insurance

70 percent of all claims occur before you depart on your trip (90 percent of these claims are due to an illness, injury, or death to the traveler or a family member).

Potential situations covered by cancellation insurance:

  1. A terrorist incident occurs in the city where you are planning to visit.
  2. Bankruptcy or Financial default of a travel supplier causes transportation to your destination to be suspended or cancelled.
  3. Bad weather delays your departure, causing additional expenses for you to catch up.
  4. Your passport and wallet are stolen and you need emergency cash and a replacement passport.

Potential situations NOT covered by cancellation insurance:

  1. You cancel or interrupt a planned trip because you are afraid that something might happen.
  2. Cancellation due to an emotional, psychological, mental, or nervous disorder.
  3. An injury while taking part in any scheduled athletic event or competition.
  4. An illness or injury arising out of being under the influence of any intoxicant, drug, or narcotic unless prescribed by a physician.
  5. Traveling against the advice of a physician or while on a waiting list for inpatient hospital or clinic treatment. 

Additional Information on iTravel Insured Coverage:

  • iTravel Insured cancellation insurance brochure.
  • Presentation on reasons to purchase cancellation insurance.

Emergency Travel Assistance & Claims (during a coverage period)

Phone:  866-243-7524 (within North America)
Phone: 01-317-655-9798 (Call collect when outside of North America.)

All claims must be filed within 90 days of the incident.