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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are extensive FAQs about Elon Global Engagement. If you cannot find the answer to your question, or if you have more specific questions, please contact the staff at Elon's Isabella Cannon Global Education Center (GEC). They will be glad to assist you.



Why do I need to submit an application deposit?

Applicants submit a deposit to indicate their commitment to the program. This deposit allows the Global Education Center (GEC) to gauge the sincerity of the application.

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How is that deposit used?

The deposit is used toward the total billable cost of the program. For example, if a program billable total is $6,000, the applicant will pay $400 at the time of application and the remaining $5,600 at the time of billing.

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When is the application deposit due?

The deposit is due at the time of application. An application is not complete without the deposit.

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When is billing for my program posted and due?

For semester, summer, and Dual Degree programs, bills are posted and due at the same time as on-campus bills, per the Bursar’s Office.

For Winter Term programs, bills are posted in the preceding September and due per the payment calendar.

For semester travel-embedded courses, bills are posted at varying times depending on the course’s cancellation policy and deadlines posted on the program brochure. 

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Can my deposit be waived or deferred?

Application deposits cannot be waived. Applicants with verified financial need according to Elon Financial Planning may request their deposit be deferred if paying the deposit at the time of application is a financial hardship.

A deferred deposit means the deposit sum is due at the time of billing (e.g. if a program billable total is $6,000, the applicant will pay $6,000 at the time of billing).

To see if you are eligible for deposit deferral, contact Amanda Zamzes at

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Is my deposit refundable?

For semester and summer Affiliate, Exchange, and Center programs, the application deposit is refundable until the first day of registration for the semester preceding the program. Students that cancel on or after this date are liable for the application deposit and may also be liable for any costs incurred on their behalf by Elon or the affiliate or host university, which may include up to the total program cost. If there is an outstanding balance on the student account, the refund amount will first be applied to the outstanding balance.

For short-term programs (Winter Term programs, semester travel-embedded courses, and summer faculty-led programs), the application deposit is refundable until the posted cancellation deadline. Students that cancel on or after this date are subject to the posted payment schedule.

For students eligible for deposit refund, the amount will remain as a credit on the student account to be applied towards the following semester’s billing.

If a student is not accepted into a program, the deposit will automatically be refunded.

No request for refund will be considered after commencement of the program.

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Can I pay my deposit directly in the Bursar’s Office, via the Bursar’s Office online (, by phone, or by check?

No, applicants must make this payment via the program application. The Bursar’s office is unable to take payment directly, nor is the GEC able to accept in-person payment.

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Can an Authorized User pay my application deposit on my behalf?

No, payment must be made by the applicant only (i.e. a parent, friend, etc. is unable to make the payment for the applicant).

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Do I have to use my own debit or credit card?

No, the credit or debit card does not need to be in the name of the applicant (i.e. an applicant can use his/her parents’ credit or debit card information to pay the deposit).

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How can I confirm my deposit has been received?

An applicant will receive a confirmation email, will see the deposit marked complete in their application, and will see the deposit material time-stamped in their application.

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What if I have trouble paying the deposit online?

If you receive an error message, in the deposit material, this means you have entered some detail of your credit card incorrectly. A typo for the billing address, expiration date, security code, etc., will result in the deposit not being processed and an error message listed in the material.

A common error is forgetting to enter the billing address after you select the billing address country.

If you receive a security warning message, attempt payment in a different browser. The payment gateway is a secure function, but your firewall settings may be blocking the transaction.

In the case of technical difficulty, please contact the GEC at 336.278.6700 or

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What if I miss the deadline due to technical difficulty paying the deposit online?

Write the details of your situation in an email to The business day following the deadline, GEC staff will review each situation on a case-by-case basis.

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