Study Abroad

Transitions Course:
Preparing for International Opportunities After Elon

A staff member at the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center (GEC) teaches a one-credit transitions course on the theme "Go Global After Graduation." 

The course is designed for students with at least one past international experience who are interested in other international experiences either during their time at Elon or after graduation.

COE 375-(X): Living the Dream: Preparing to Go Global After Graduation

Course Meeting information
Check OnTrack for up-to-date information for when this course is being offered.  It has been offered in Fall, WT, and Spring terms in the past.
Course Description
This course is intended for juniors and seniors who have already studied abroad and are interested in obtaining an international internship, working abroad or in an international field, teaching abroad, volunteering internationally, applying for an international fellowship, or attending a graduate school with international opportunities after graduation.  This course will cover topics such as how to evaluate skills gained during international experiences, how to market your international experience(s) on your Resume/CV and in interviews, how to research visa requirements and other immigration considerations for going abroad, and networking. Researching and sharing resources for international opportunities will also be a significant part of the course.

Course Objectives
1) Evaluate and assess your international experiences
2) Adjust your Resume/CV to an international audience
3) Highlight international experiences on a Resume/CV
4) Learn how to speak about your international experiences to potential employers
5) Research and evaluate international opportunities of interest
6) Create (as a class) an annotated bibliography (via a blog) of resources for future international opportunities

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Ashley Pinney
Senior Career Advising Fellow
Student Professional Development Center
Moseley Center 109B
(336) 278-6538;


Pam Brumbaugh
Director of Experiential Education
Student Professional Development Center
2020 Campus Box, Moseley Center 140
(336) 278-6538;