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An important part of the preparation process for study abroad is looking forward to health related needs. One way to best prepare yourself medically is to review recommended and required vaccinations for the countries that you may be visiting. As part of the state’s vaccination requirements you may have already received some of these vaccinations; however, there are recommended and required vaccines beyond your initial pre-matriculation vaccinations and some countries require vaccines that are not required in the United States.

Visit the immunizations webpage, and sign in with your Elon username and password (if you are off campus use your full Elon email address as your username), to learn more about which vaccinations may be required or recommended for your study abroad program. On this page, you will see the Immunization Request Form as it is shown below. You will be able to select your Winter Term Program, and a list of the recommended vaccines will come up. Once you have looked through the list of recommended vaccines, and all of the information on the page you may order your vaccines by clicking on the boxes next to each vaccine. PLEASE READ THE PAGE CAREFULLY before ordering any recommended vaccines, as there are a number of aspects to consider when ordering vaccines.

The R.N. Ellington Center for Health and Wellness offers recommended and required travel vaccinations and vaccinations in a clinic format. The clinic allows you to receive the recommended and required vaccines (or prescriptions for them) on campus. Pre-registration is required

The study abroad vaccination clinics will be conducted on:

  • November 18th in Oaks 212 from 10am to 1pm, and 2pm to 6pm
  • November 19th in Oaks 212 from 8am to 11am, and 12pm to 4pm
  • November 20th in Lakeside from 10am to 1pm, and 2pm to 6pm

ONCE YOU HAVE ORDERED A VACCINE YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF THAT VACCINE. The vaccine(s) you request will be ordered and ready for you during your scheduled appointment at the vaccination clinic. If you fail to make your scheduled appointment, you will still be responsible for the cost of the vaccine(s).  The cost of the vaccinations will be added to your Elon account.  You must contact our office for instructions on how to receive your vaccinations at a later date should you miss your appointment.

Once you have completed the process of registering for your vaccine(s) you will be sent an email confirmation of the vaccine(s) ordered, and the time of your appointment.


We recommend that you consult your parents about the vaccines so that you can make an informed decision prior to registration and scheduling an appointment. Payment for the vaccines is due at time of service (cash, check, or MasterCard /Visa) or it can be billed to your student account. The cost for some of the vaccines may be reimbursable by your health insurance carrier or flexible spending account. The university cannot file insurance claims for you, but they will provide documentation so that you or your parents can file for reimbursement from your insurance company or flexible benefits plan.

Some additional points to consider and discuss with your family:

  • For required vaccines you will not be able to enter the country unless you have proof that you have received them.
  • Most countries do not have required vaccines but we urge you to consider the recommended vaccines. Many of you will be visiting bordering countries or regions and will want to make sure you are prepared in case you decide to take an excursion trip in an affected area.
  • If you have a chronic illness or any other current medical concern, you will want to consult with your primary care physician or specialist to discuss the required or recommended vaccines prior to registration.
  • For some medications (namely anti-malarial) the staff will provide you with a prescription. You will need to take the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice to have them filled and take the medication according to the directions.
  • If you have medications that you take on a daily basis (including oral contraceptives), you will want to consult with your provider to make sure you have an adequate supply or the prescriptions necessary to receive your medications in the country in which you are studying.
  • For flu precautions and to treat other types of illness you may want to create a “flu kit” to take with you that includes cold/flu medicine, fever reducer, anti-diarrheal and anti-nausea medications, a thermometer, hand sanitizer and a mask. If you did not receive a seasonal flu vaccine on campus, please visit the Elon flu website at There is a list of area fees for service providers for seasonal flu vaccines.
  • If you do not participate in the study abroad vaccination clinic and decide later on that you want to receive vaccines, please consult the Health Services web site which lists the off campus locations in the state that may administer the vaccines. If you are out of state, your local health department may also have that information about those locations on your home area.

Good luck and best wishes for a wonderful study abroad experience.

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