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School of Law

For prospective students

Since opening in 2006, the School of Law has enrolled two talented and diverse classes. The charter class in fall 2006 included 115 students, while 107 students enrolled in fall 2007.

Elon University has created a School of Law in which students and faculty are fully and constructively engaged in the optimum development of each student’s knowledge, skill and personal attributes, and in the improvement of our system of justice.

Those with primary responsibility for recruitment and admission of law students will continue to work with faculty, coaches and other members of the Recruitment, Development and Placement team in helping Elon law students become the best lawyers they can be, in the places they will be of greatest and most rewarding service.

descriptionDuring the admissions process, the school evaluates applicants' potential for academic success and professional growth, focusing on their demonstrated achievement, aptitude for the study and practice of law, and interest in civic engagement and leadership.

Because achievement of Elon’s educational mission mandates that its School of Law be relatively small, it is unlikely that all of the very well-qualified applicants who apply to Elon Law can be accepted for admission. Nevertheless, the school endeavors to communicate that it is honored by each application it receives and is enthused to be part of the legal profession, a vibrant network of individuals and institutions drawn together by their interests and values to maintain and continuously improve the justice system and to help others within the context of that system. The time spent preparing and submitting applications to join the legal profession is profoundly important. Elon Law appreciates your consideration of it as your portal to the legal profession and encourages you to prepare all of your law school applications thoughtfully and forthrightly.

Information about our admissions process is available at the links to the left. Paper brochures and applications will be mailed to you if you fill out the "Request more information" form at the left.

Please visit our web site regularly for updated admissions information and news regarding other exciting developments at the law school.