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Directions for a Project Calendar

  1. Write relevant dates on calendar page for each day beginning with the day you receive an assignment or start a project and ending with the due date for the project.
  2. Work backwards from the due date to the time you need to finish the final draft in order to do a "last edit."
  3. Note the date you need to take your project to the Writing Center so that they will have time to read it and get it back to you, and for you to make use of their remarks. Mark that as "to Writing Center" or some equivalent notation.
  4. Use the SAMPLE PROJECT CALENDAR as a guideline to continue developing your working calendar. Remember to start writing early, to leave some research time for after you have started writing so that you have time to search for answers to questions or to fill holes in your analysis that only become apparent once you put your thoughts on paper.
  5. Breaking up a large project into smaller deadlines helps to make the project manageable and to insure that it is done on time.

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