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School of Law

An Engaging Academic Program

descriptionThe Elon law program maintains engagement, in part, by what we teach. Students have required courses in the upper level curriculum and also elect at least one of four concentrations: trial and appellate advocacy, business, public interest, or general practice. Students will not be able to elect out of a good legal education.

The program also maintains engagement by how we encourage and facilitate learning. Instruction begins in the first half of August with an orientation covering approximately 10 days, incorporating several assessment for development components pioneered at the Center for Creative Leadership. These components will make Elon law students better students and lawyers.

A primary goal of orientation is to equip Elon’s law students to receive and utilize extensive feedback during the first year. Students review their classroom performances with observers, many of whom will be practicing lawyers. These volunteer Preceptors observe and provide feedback to law students and are also encouraged to invite students to observe them in initial client interviews, depositions and mediations.

The Civil Procedure course differs substantially from that taught at most law schools. It includes periodic experiential exercises and drafting assignments that require students to apply what they have learned. Students with demonstrated writing problems are tutored by Elon’s senior rhetoric students. Procedure students demonstrate mastery through the written work products they generate throughout the semester.

Written examinations are excellent assessment for development instruments. Elon students review and receive feedback on their examinations, preparing them for greater success on subsequent exams, the Bar Exam and in their professional careers.