Alamance BuildingLeadership Prize

Leadership Prize Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants shall be in their third year at Elon or, in the case of students with transfer credits, their third year of higher education, with at least one full semester completed at Elon.
  • While we will not require applicants to meet a specific GPA requirement, we recognize that Leadership Prize work takes a great deal of time and may take time away from studies.  Having people win prizes who have GPAs that could be significantly improved may ask more from award winning students than is fair or appropriate.  Therefore, we set a GPA target of 3.5 or above as a target for applicants and we will consider student GPA as we make awards.  Students with GPAs below 3.5 should carefully consider whether they can meet the dual challenge of improving their academic performance while completing a Leadership Prize project.
  • Since work on a Leadership Prize cannot present an obstacle to continued academic success, we expect Prize recipients to maintain their GPA at or near its level when the Prize was awarded.  Significantly lower GPAs or evidence of academic struggle could become grounds for further discussions about a student's involvement in the Leadership Prize program. 
  • Leadership Prize projects will require extensive mentoring and mentors should be involved from the beginning stages of project development and application. Therefore applicants shall have a nomination from an Elon faculty member or a staff member with faculty rank. Applicants may make a case for exceptions regarding rank if their proposal warrants. In all cases, the nominator shall be on long-term contract with the institution.
  • Applicants must be in good standing at the university at the time of the application. That is, a history of repeated or egregious violations of either the academic or social honor codes will disqualify applicants.
  • Applicants shall demonstrate a commitment to pursuing at least 1.5 additional academic years of study as Elon students.  Please note, due to the nature of the timeline associated with their program, Engineering students are not eligible.