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Leadership Prize Reporting and Accountability

Recipients will submit reports on a semester basis updating their activities and accomplishments, as well as their reflections on their work. The full report shall be available to the mentor, the Leadership Prize selection committee, and appropriate administrators. Highlights of ongoing activities and accomplishments shall be made available to a broader audience via postings on the program website. While balancing a respect for scholars' intellectual property, recipients are encouraged to seek out opportunities to share their work such as SURF, departmental colloquia, and guest lectures in classes.

Although successful applications will entail focused and well-articulated proposals, the nature of such intellectual discovery means that unforeseen experiences, opportunities, and potential detours may emerge over the course of the junior and senior years. Recipients will be encouraged to explore such possibilities with their primary mentor and, should a significant new development emerge, notify the Leadership Prize Director in a timely manner, at a minimum through their regular semester plans and reports.

While the Leadership Prize is designed to support the exceptional promise of students who are intrinsically motivated to pursue excellence, there remains a set of baseline expectations that recipients must meet in order to continue receiving the financial support offered by the prize. It is expected that recipients will:

  • continue to uphold the academic and social honor codes;
  • maintain a cumulative grade point average consistent with your GPA when awarded the scholarship; and,
  • demonstrate appropriate progress in meeting the activities and accomplishments proposed in their application.

Recipients will be asked to sign a Letter of Agreement indicating their understanding and acceptance of these expectations. Although a violation of any of these terms will not necessarily result in automatic termination of the award, the recipient will be required to meet with the Leadership Prize director to discuss how the problems will be redressed. Repeated violations of expectations or egregious ones may be grounds for terminating the award. In such cases, the unused balance of the award will be frozen.

Download the form for the Leadership Prize Semester Report
The Semester Report is due on the last day of class for each semester.

Fall 2017:  Classes end Thursday, December 7, 2017
Spring 2018:  Classes end Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Leadership Prize Course Enrollment

Leadership Scholars will remain actively engaged in pursuit of their proposed work for the remainder of their junior and senior years. Hence, it is expected that awardees enroll in a minimum of 2 semester hours of LED 498: Leadership Research for each of the three semesters of the scholarship.

To register for LED 498, students must fill out the Registrar’s online form.

After the online form is submitted by the student, the LED 498 form will be routed electronically to your faculty mentor for approval. Students should follow up with their faculty mentor to ensure the LED 498 form is approved by the registration deadline.

Then the LED 498 will be routed electronically to the Faculty Leadership Fellow for approval.  Please allow enough time for this registration process to be completed before the deadlines posted below. 

A final copy of the students’s LED 498 form will be sent to Professor Robert Moorman and Melody Harter in the Center for Leadership.

Deadlines for LED 498 Registration

Fall 2017:  Monday, September 11, 2017
Winter 2018:  Friday, January 5, 2018
Spring 2018:  Monday, February 12, 2018

Pursuit of Other Fellowships

A second purpose of the Leadership Prize is to identify and develop candidates for national fellowships and awards. Dr. Janet Myers, in her role as Director of National and International Fellowships, will work with awardees, providing mentoring, support, and recognition for these pursuits. Leadership Prize awardees are expected to give strong consideration to pursuing fellowships appropriate to their educational and career goals.

Allocating Leadership Prize Funds

Recipients of the Leadership Prize fill out the Allocation/Payment Form with complete details for expenses, purchases, and/or out of pocket expenses listed in their budget.  Please attach supporting documents for items, conferences, and/or travel. The Allocation Form must be submitted and approval obtained prior to purchasing or any expenses incurred out of pocket.  Submit the form and supporting documents to Melody Harter, Program Assistant in the Center for Leadership. Please plan ahead to allow time for processing payment requests.

Download Allocation Payment Form