The goal of this learning community shall be to provide non-credit educational programs for people retired from Elon, alumni and other friends of Elon who are 50 years of age or older and who have a desire for lifelong learning. This program is specifically designed as a community of learners where ongoing learning takes place in the context of supportive friends.

LIFE@Elon By-Laws (revised March 30, 2016) 


LIFE@Elon has the best of two worlds: (a) it enjoys the support of Elon University and sponsorship by the Provost's Office and (b) it is organized and facilitated by a community of retirement-age people who wish to enliven this stage of life in ways that serve across generations. 

LIFE@Elon is:

  • a way for this population to remain vital in mind and heart.
  • a way to convene conversations on that which matters—conversations held in a space marked by respect and civility for all; conversations that are participatory throughout, honoring the wisdom and life experience of all participants; and conversations that consciously nourish both mind and heart.
  • a way to go forward together, honoring the ancestors and serving the next generation.