Elon University’s Institute for Politics & Public Affairs has joined 19 other colleges and universities from around the United States to form the National Campaign for Political & Civic Engagement.  We are a non-partisan group that fosters political awareness and civic engagement among students.

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Civic Education We plan to return to local middle and high schools to work with students on civic education projects. We plan to develop a civic education program or model that we can use repeatedly in different classrooms throughout our area to work with teachers in educating students about their civic rights and responsibilities.

Voter Registration Initiatives We will also post flyers and large posters around campus to raise awareness of voter registration opportunities. We plan to distribute T-shirts to encourage students to vote. In the fall of 2008 we will focus on registering incoming students to vote.

Campus Debates The National Campaign is currently planning a campus debate to be held in October. Both students and faculty will be participating and attending. Our goal is for this debate to encourage political participation and to increase awareness among students.