Elon University’s Institute for Politics & Public Affairs has joined 19 other colleges and universities from around the United States to form the National Campaign for Political & Civic Engagement.  We are a non-partisan group dedicated to encouraging political awareness and civic engagement among students. Civic engagement, voter registration and political dialogue are the three key mission areas of the Elon University chapter.

Each semester, student members of the National Campaign plan and sponsor voter registration drives and student political debates. We assist students with voter registration procedures and absentee ballot requests. Regardless of students’ political affiliation or ideology, the National Campaign aims to increase overall political awareness and participation at Elon and across the country.

The National Campaign is also devoted to promoting civic education among high school students in our local community.  We actively conduct programs within the local high schools in Alamance County to increase student political and civic engagement.  Although many of these students are not yet old enough to vote, we believe there are many other ways to be engaged, and that it is important to foster civic awareness and engagement at a young age.


  George Taylor

  Professor of political science and public administration

  Office: (336) 278-6429

  E-mail: taylor@elon.edu

Taylor teaches American government, research methods and various upper-level courses in public administration. His areas of research interest include political attitudes and civic engagement. Taylor is also the director of the Elon Institute of Politics and Public Affairs, which houses the Center for Public Opinion Polling (Elon University Poll) and the Center for Public Affairs, in addition to the National Campaign.

Taylor started work at Elon in 1979 after earning his doctorate in political science from the University of Georgia. He received a master's degree from the University of Georgia and a bachelor's degree from Baptist College in Charleston, S.C.