Project Pericles


Becoming and Being a Periclean Scholar

Being a Periclean Scholar at Elon University is a privilege and an honor. It is a multiyear commitment at the undergraduate level that turns into a lifetime commitment after graduation. Being involved as a Periclean Scholar is a demanding role, but one that makes a demonstrative difference not only in the lives of the individual Periclean Scholars, but in the lives of the many partners we have world wide. Below is a year-by-year description of what being a Periclean Scholar involves.

Year 0 [first year at Elon]

• Spend time learning about the program from conversations with current Periclean Scholars, current PS Mentors and the Director (Dr. Arcaro)
• Go to events sponsored by all three standing Classes of Periclean Scholars including talks by Pericleans-in-Residence, the Celebrating Periclean Scholars event in the fall, etc.
• Meet the Mentor for your Class and talk to her/him about the country/region of focus
• Do research on the country/region of focus
• Talk to your academic advisor about how being a Periclean Scholar can fit into your four-year plan
• Apply early in the spring semester by securing a letter of recommendation from your COR 110 professor, and meeting with the Mentor for your Class for the application interview
• Think long and hard about the decision to apply and look very honestly at your ability to make a long-term commitment to work as a team
• Work on team building with your Class at and after the Induction Ceremony
• Identify other Pericleans in your Class who may share your major, interests, and/or skill sets and begin to imagine how you can team together on various group initiatives that might move you and your Class forward toward your goals
• Stay in touch and keep networking and team building during the summer (remember, social, justice and environmental issues do not function on an academic calendar)
Note: the following lists are for the most part cumulative, and what goes for one year goes for the others. Consider this a guide or break down of personal responsibilities for each year of involvement in the program.

Year 1 [sophomore year]

• Be involved in non-Periclean activities, but always make being a Periclean Scholar one of your very top priorities
• Attend every Periclean class and do even more homework than you are assigned, learning as much as you can about your country/region of focus
• Begin working on your individual three-year plan, making sure to incorporate your major and any Fellows (Honors, Leadership, Communications, Business, Teaching, Elon College, etc.) projects into this plan as much as possible
• Contribute meaningfully in the design of your Class three year plan
• Each Class needs to decide how to decide, i.e., how decisions will be made about focus, fund raising, travel, etc. Be a part of this discussion
• Help your Class to identify and vet (and be willing to be vetted by) partners both locally and in your country/region of focus
• Begin thinking about who you may want to invite to campus as a Pericleanin- Residence.
• Keep in close contact with your academic advisor, making sure to count your Periclean hours appropriately to your major and minor(s). In most cases, Periclean Scholars will be able to count their PER hours toward a minor (e.g., the 2011’s and 2012’s can count their hours toward a minor in Asia/Asian Pacific Studies minor)
• With your academic advisor work out your study abroad plans for your Elon career, keeping in mind that it is likely that your Class may choose to travel to their country/region of focus winter term senior year. This travel (as are all Elon study abroad experiences) is student funded, and you will need to plan for this financial burden
• Consider applying for a Lumen Prize and/or SURE research that you can relate to your Class mission and goals

Year 2 [junior year]

• Be involved in non-Periclean activities, but always make being a Periclean Scholar one of your very top priorities
• During junior year many Pericleans spend a semester abroad. It is likely that both fall and spring semester you will “lose” as many as 7-8 of your classmates, often key players in terms of team dynamics. Class morale and teambuilding will take special effort
• Revisit your three-year plan and reassess your goals and objectives
• Work with your Class to revisit your Class mission statement and three-year plan
• In second semester, identify classmates to be nominated for Periclean Scholar of the Year (goes to rising senior)
• Consider presenting research that you have done related to Periclean in SURF and/or NCUR
• If your Class is planning a senior winter term travel to your country/region of focus begin your planning now. Fall can be used for brainstorming, but by mid spring you need to begin committing to a plan

Year 3 [senior year]

• Be involved in non-Periclean activities, but always make being a Periclean
Scholar one of your very top priorities.
• In the fall if your Class has designed a capstone project in your
country/region of focus, you will need to take an active part in this planning
• Always be thinking of a way that your class assignments in any of your
classes can be used to benefit your Periclean Scholar Class (e.g., if you have a
class in digital media convergence do a project highlighting your Class
• Always be thinking of how you can focus your capstone assignments for your
Fellows involvement into Periclean (e.g., Emily Sears and Hayley Gravette ,
’06, dedicated their “common good” project to organizing the event where
Testing Positive was screened as a fundraiser)
• Always be thinking of how you can focus your senior seminar ( for your
major) efforts into work related to your Class efforts
• Plan for end-of-year events such as the senior banquet. Get prepared for the
end of this chapter of being a Periclean Scholar
• Plan for sustainability of your efforts beyond graduation. This includes
representation on the PSAA Steering Committee and stewardship of the
various initiatives and partnerships that you began in the last three years.

Years 4+ [post graduation]

• Upon graduation you become a member of the Periclean Scholar Alumni Association (PSAA)
• Consider taking on a two tear term being your Class representative on the Steering Committee of the PSAA
• Stay in communication with your Classmates and your Mentor using all appropriate social networking vehicles; make sure that your Mentor and the Director have your contact information (email, surface address, employment/graduate school, etc. status)
• Donate regularly to Elon University and designate your gift to go directly to Project Pericles knowing that these funds will go directly to the PSAA and will directly benefit the partners that Classes vetted
• Find out if the organization or business that you work in has a philanthropic outreach office and find out how this entity might be a resource for the PSAA
• Find of if the organization or business that you work for has a matching program for donations
• Continue to research and keep up with your country/region of focus and the issues that drove your Class
• Continue to maintain contact with the organizations with which your Class partnered, and especially the individuals that your Class invited to campus as Pericleans-in-Residence
• Keep in communication with the Elon University Alumni Relations office and be aware of travel opportunities back to your country/region of focus
• When you receive a copy of the newsletter in your email box read it thoroughly and forward it on to family, friends and work associates
• Consider writing a short article for the newsletter about your life and career especially as they have been impacted by your undergraduate experience as a Periclean Scholar
• Always remember the reason you made the commitment to become a Periclean Scholar as a first year student at Elon. Never ever let that passion wane because it is you at your best and, more importantly, you continuing to
make a difference in our world as a true global citizen

Continual Efforts and Key Points: Use the statements below as a general check list in ensuring yourself accountable as a Periclean Scholar

• Be involved in non-Periclean activities, but always make being a Periclean Scholar one of your very top priorities
• Attend every Periclean class and do even more homework than you are assigned
• Be willing to put in extra time outside of the scheduled classes and meetings for research, networking, attending related speakers, exploring and planning fundraising opportunities, etc.
• If you go abroad, stay current with your Class by remaining active via Blackboard, email and other social media. While abroad seek out ways to move forward the vision of your Class via contacts in your country of study (e.g., the 2013’s that study abroad will find groups knowledgeable about the politics of Chiapas in nearly any major city around the world, and so on)
• Work on team building with your Class both during formal class time and also beyond class time socially. This means communicating effectively and building a rock solid base of trust and mutual respect
• Work on your relationship with your Mentor
• Attend pan-Periclean events and events planned by the other Classes, especially events featuring Pericleans-in-Residence
• Read and then pass on the Periclean newsletter. Talk about each issue with friends and family, and especially your parents.
• Always have your “elevator speech” updated and polished so that you can take advantage of those moments to tell others about the program keeping in mind that every time you talk about Periclean you are advancing the goal of engendering global awareness and civic engagement