For Faculty and Staff Members

1.How do I know that the accommodations that have been approved are appropriate?

Documentation for students with disabilities is thoroughly analyzed and all requests for accommodations must be appropriate and reasonable in order to be approved.  Upon presentation of the accommodations letter, professors are expected to help provide the accommodations that have been approved for each individual student unless such accommodations constitute a fundamental alteration of the curriculum.

2. May I look at my students’ documentation to see if I think accommodations are reasonable?

No.  All disabilities-related information is shared with Elon University faculty and staff on a need-to-know basis only, and documentation will never be shared.  The records of students with disabilities are confidential and are securely locked in a confidential file. 

3. What should I do if a student asks for accommodations after he/she takes an exam?

Accommodations are never retroactive; professors are under no obligation to provide accommodations in this situation.  Professors are encouraged to refer all non-registered students who indicate that they have disability-related needs to Disabilities Services.

4. Must I change my attendance policy for students with disabilities?

No.  However, sometimes professors are encouraged to be flexible in figuring the weight that attendance should play in a student’s grade.  Sometimes, there are extenuating circumstances, particularly with students who have chronic illnesses, which should be considered.  The final decision regarding this issue, however, rests with the individual professor.

5. How do I know what accommodations I have to provide to a student?

Students who require accommodations are provided with notification letters for each of their professors.  These letters identify the individual as a student with a disability and list the accommodations that have been approved.

6. Does status as a student with a disability affect whether I am obligated to talk with parents about student performance (grades, attendance, etc.)?

No.  Unless a student has signed a release, faculty and staff are not obligated to speak with parents about their student’s performance in the classroom.