Learn. Engage. Appreciate.


Take a diversity-related class – they explore topics like media, music, culture, relationships, business, athletics, religion, childhood development, science, language, comedy, identity, poverty, immigration, globalization, art, history and education.

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Attend an event – You don’t have to be enrolled in a course to learn. There will be performances, speakers, simulations, service opportunities, discussions, and films that are open to anyone. They’ll be happening on campus, in Alamance County, in various places in the U.S., on YouTube and Skype, and around the globe.

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What do you mean by “diversity,” anyway?

There are many kinds of diversity. Among human beings, some differences are based in part on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, nationality, disability, socioeconomic standing, region, and intellectual viewpoint. One can explore many specific types of differences as well as the historical and practical implications of them and their intersections – from a variety of different disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspectives.

Why do we have this Winter Term theme?

Elon strives to provide students with an education preparing them to be global citizens and informed leaders motivated by concern for the common good. The university seeks to foster respect for human differences, passion for a life of learning, personal integrity, and an ethic of work and service.

Studies show that engagement across difference yields significant educational gains, including in critical thinking skills. This combination of goals – and the reality of the diverse and interconnected world we live in – inspire this effort to “learn, engage, and appreciate.”

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