86. Cameron

Author: Samantha Ash, First Year

They say bad things happen in threes
I sure hope so because there’s only so much loss
the heart can bear

Everyone tells me that things will get better
and that things will be okay
but I don’t WANT it to get better

Explain to me how it will ever be okay
for my little brother who lost his lifetime best friend
at the age of sixteen

Tell that to his sister
who didn’t even get to see him
who returned home from Christmas break just a few hours too late

Justify your claims to his mother
who cant eat or sleep
who just looks at his senior picture and continuously cries

Let his father know that it will become easier
as he looks at the dirtbike his son will not ride
the hockey stick he will never pick up again

Life is precious, life is short
“hold your loved ones a little closer tonight”
treat everyone you meet with kindness

Sentiments stated by students at the news of their dead classmate
empty words and phrases
for in a few days their lives will resume normally

Christmas is an emotional time for everyone
but imagine waking up this Christmas morning
wishing to simply have your child back

I don’t want things to get better
I just want to stop crying at the sight of your name
I just want everything to stop hurting

My brother’s best friend died in a car crash due to some black ice and the fact that he was speeding. He was like a second brother to me and throughout the time after his death everyone kept telling me it would be okay and all I could think was that nothing would ever be okay again. This poem was a way for me to express my feelings without lashing out at the people around me who meant well, but simply didn’t understand

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