Safety Program

Elon University has a complete safety program for faculty, staff, students and the environment. There are many components of the overall Elon University safety plan. Included are a safety committee, written safety plans, the Chemical Hygiene Office and the Safety Office. Please take note that any questions you may have regarding safety and the environment can be addressed through the Safety Office (x5428) or the Chemical Hygiene Office (x2629).

Elon University maintains the following written safety plans.

The Faculty Safety Handbook
The Staff Safety Handbook
The Student Safety Handbook
The Accident Reporting Plan 
The Disaster Plan
The Hazard Communication Plan (Right to Know Standard)
The Chemical Hygiene Plan (Laboratory Standard)
The Confined Spaces Plan

Elon University maintains the following safety programs.

The Safety Committee
The Chemical Hygiene Office
The General Safety Office
Employee Right to Know Training
Safety Officer Training
Chemical Hygiene Officer Training
EPA, DOT, and OSHA Regulations and Standards Resources
Safety Information Library