2016 Conference Sessions


Pre-Conference Workshops: Monday June 6

9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.       Assessment Foundations Pre-Conference (Lakeside Meeting Room)

1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.         Focus Groups: Facilitation and Analysis for Practitioners (Lakeside Meeting Room)

Conference Program: Tuesday June 7

Keynote:  Intercultural competence: Emerging focus within higher education Handout and Article

  • Darla Deardorff, Executive Director of the Association of International Education Administrators, Duke University

Growing Pains: Moving from Pencil and Paper to Electronic Assessment for CAEP  (Location: KOBC 200)

• Karen Nery, Campbell University
• Sam Engel, Campbell University
• Chris Godwin,  Campbell University

Inclusive Assessment Practices: Including and Affirming LGBTQIA+ Folks in Assessment (Location: KOBC208)

• Nicholas Antonicci, Duke University

Redefining Sisterhood and Brotherhood: An Assessment of a Greek community (Location: KOBC 211) Powerpoint

• Daniel Faill, Elon University

To Survey, Or Not to Survey: Developing a Survey Policy (Location: KOBC 237) Powerpoint

• Dilnavaz Mirza Sharma, Meredith College

Breaking Down Academic Assessment Silos to Create a Holistic Picture of Student Learning: A Horizontal and Vertical Integration of  Student Learning Across University Initiatives and Programs  (Location:  KOBC 244)

• John G. Frederick, UNC-Charlotte
• Christine Robinson, UNC-Charlotte

Let's stop measuring so that we can start assessing! (Location: KOBC 200)

• Cameo Hartz, Duke University
• Jenny Sloop Johnson, Duke University
• Leah Adeniji, Duke University

Faculty Buy-In: Crafting the “Institutional Effectiveness and General Education Assessment” Message (Location: KOBC 211)

• José A. Villalba, Wake Forest University

The Changing Paradigm of Intercultural Competence (Location: KOBC 208)

• Darla Deardorff , Duke University

Take Collaborative Approaches to Building Item and Rubric Banks for Divisional Use (Location: KOBC 237) 

• Ciji Ann Heiser,  UNC-Chapel Hill

Building on the results of a QEP on Information Literacy (Location: KOBC 244) Powerpoint

• Amy L. Brake, North Carolina Wesleyan College

A Signature Experience: Integrating the Alumni Perspective into the Evaluation of a DukeEngage (Location: KOBC 200) Powerpoint

• Jaclyne Demarse Purtell,  DukeEngage, Duke University
• Elaine Madison, DukeEngage, Duke University

Culture of Assessment in Student Affairs: A Case Study of What Has Worked and What Hasn’t at Elon University (Location: KOBC 211)

• Evan Heiser,  Elon University
• MarQuita Barker, Elon University

The Changing Paradigm of Intercultural Competence (Location: KOBC 208)

• Darla Deardorff , Duke University

Adding Value to the Comprehensive Program Assessment Experience (Location: KOBC 237)

• Dianne Raubenheimer,  Meredith College

Assessing the Unassessable:   Assessing Faith and Character Formation in Our Students (Location: KOBC 200)

• Ron Stevens, University of Mount Olive
• Julie Santiago, University of Mount Olive

Taking Critical Approaches with Assessment Data (Location: KOBC 208)

• Krista L. Prince, UNC-Chapel Hill
• Ciji Ann Heiser, UNC-Chapel Hill

Talking Terms: Moving beyond creation of student learning outcomes to supporting Divisional dialogue (Location: KOBC 211)
• Eulena Jonsson,  Duke University

Charting a New Course:  Examining and Assessing a First-Year Seminar Program (Location: KOBC 237)
• Brandy S. Propst, Elon University

An Analysis of 7 Years of Pre and Post-test Results and Challenge Exam Data  (Location: KOBC 200) Powerpoint

• Terry C. House, Methodist University

Evaluating Dynamic, Multi-Stakeholder Programs in Higher Education: Bass Connections at Duke  (Location: KOBC)

• Laura Howes, Duke University
• Hallie Knuffman, Duke University
• Carol H. Ripple, Duke University

Implementing a Departmental Audit: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly (Location: KOBC 211)  Powerpoint

• Daniel Faill, Elon University

Addressing Rater Error in Performance Assessments: Bringing the Many Facet Rasch Model to Assessment (Location: KOBC 237) Powerpoint

• Myrah R. Stockdale, Campbell University

State Longitudinal Data System, (Location: KOBC 244)

• Lynwood Thombs, NCICU
• A. Hope Williams, NCICU