The Elon Commitment

Residential Campus Committee

Over-arching goal of the committee

To create a premier residential campus program, with first-class facilities that will transform the campus culture to more deeply engage students around intellectual and personal development, and further Elon's strong sense of community.

Charge to the committee

To recommend the type and number of housing spaces, as well as program, for future housing at Elon, including Greek housing and housing for faculty and staff to reside on or adjacent to the campus. The committee is asked to submit a report to the Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students and the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs by July 15, 2010. The report should include a suggested implementation timetable.  Specific objectives toward meeting this charge include:

  1. Research cutting-edge residential facilities for undergraduate students on other campuses, including common spaces in residential areas.
  2. Review the proposed campus master plan and make recommendations on renovating or adding new campus housing for undergraduates, including housing for Greek organizations, and possibly a senior class village.
  3. Consider the need for graduate student housing and the type of housing required.
  4. Investigate housing for faculty and staff and its relationship to undergraduates, either for more faculty-in-residence or separate housing on or adjacent to the heart of the campus.
  5. Investigate the residential college concept.
  6. Examine the value/impact of a junior residency policy at Elon.
  7. Visit 3 or 4 other campuses with excellent residential facilities and programs.
  8. Define the impact of a substantial increase in student beds on other programs and services (library, campus recreation, judicial affairs, counseling/health services, etc.)

Committee members

Jeff Stein, Special Assistant to the President, co-chair
Kevin O’Mara, Professor of Management, co-chair

Eugene Daniel, Class of 2011
Lauren Ellis, Class of 2010
Elisabetta Cooper, Class of 2012
Michael Nowak, Class of 2011
Sandra Haime, Class of 2010
Bryan Baker, Senior Audio Producer
Connie Book, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Stephen Braye, Professor of English
Neil Bromilow, Director of Planning, Design and Construction Management
Ayesha Delpish, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Russell Gill, Professor of English and Distinguished University Professor
Nancy Harris, Associate Dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences
Nancy Midgette, Professor of History
Brad Moore, Associate Director of Planning, Design and Construction Management
Sylvia Munoz, Director of the Spanish Center
Coleman Rich, Lecturer, Operations and Supply Chain Management
Jodean Schmiederer, Assistant Dean of Students
Niki Turley, Director of Residence Life