The Elon Commitment

The plan by neighborhood: The Station at Mill Point

To become a true residential campus and provide more options for juniors and seniors interested in living on campus, building the ideal apartments for upper division students will be necessary. Situated on the edge of campus and including all the amenities of the Oaks apartments, these upscale apartments will provide the independence seniors desire with the space for them to complete their academics and prepare for transition out of the university.

Highlights of this housing for seniors include:

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  • two and four bedroom (single occupancy bedroom) apartments
  • a Commons building with social gathering spaces
  • outdoor recreation spaces for the entire village, possibly including an ampitheater, bocce ball, sand volleyball, outdoor plaza, etc.
  • full-kitchens, full-size living rooms, single bedrooms, washers/dryers/dishwashers within apartments, etc.
  • possible retail locations along Williamson Avenue that create a more urban feel and provide services for students and local residents.

A major goal of the Residential Campus Committee is to bring more juniors and seniors back to campus over the next decade. In order to become a true residential campus with regular interactions between all class years, the committee has suggested a target of 75% of students (meaning 50% of juniors and seniors) living on campus.

The Village at Wofford CollegeSince the opening of the Oaks apartments, demand for campus housing has increased. But the increased size of first year and sophomore classes has resulted in a decrease in available beds for juniors and seniors.

Therefore, as a first step in the process of attracting more juniors and seniors back to live on campus, the committee suggests building an attractive Senior Village apartment concept on Fire Station Fields.

The housing for seniors will be the ideal upper division student apartments, situated on the edge of campus and including all the amenities of the Oaks apartments. The Senior Village will give students a housing option to look forward to in their final year, will allow them to reunite with their senior classmates, and, in turn will allow juniors to fill the 520 beds at the Oaks apartments. 

Seniors will live with other seniors in two and four bedroom apartments, near but not directly on campus, in housing that will be closer to the style of housing they will live in as young professionals.