Office of the Provost

Academic Dean's Advisory Council Members

Brooke Barnett, associate provost for inclusive community

Luke Bierman, dean at the Elon University School of Law

Ann Bullock, dean of the School of Education

Peter Felten, assistant provost, Teaching and Learning & executive director of the Center for Engaged Learning

Rochelle Ford, dean of the School of Communications

Steven House, provost and executive vice president

Maurice Levesque, associate provost for curriculum and assessment

Becky Neiduski, dean of the School of Health Sciences

Tim Peeples, senior associate provost for faculty affairs

Gabie Smith, dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences

Raghu Tadepalli, dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business

Steven D. House

Steven D. House
Provost and
Executive Vice President