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Creating financial and social value

The Entrepreneurship program at Elon goes far beyond starting new ventures. The major is designed to create entrepreneurial leaders who are able to identify opportunities; develop and implement creative solutions and plans; analyze resource needs and availability; manage risks; and develop the ability to execute plans to achieve desired goals.

Our curriculum cultivates entrepreneurial leaders among Elon students and prepares them for success in the pursuit of exceptional economic and social progress on a global scale. Integration into the entrepreneurial community, engaged and experiential learning, and personal growth and development are cornerstones of this program. The entrepreneurship curriculum is part of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, which is accredited by AACSB International–the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the highest possible accreditation in business education.

Developing Entrepreneurial Thinkers

Our curriculum focuses on the development of individuals as opposed to the development of projects. Developing isolated projects provides skills and knowledge in a very narrow scope, and typically these skills and knowledge are not readily transferable to other projects. The entrepreneurship program provides the necessary skills, knowledge and experience on a broader scale, driven by the individual student’s passions and goals, thereby facilitating success more efficiently and effectively. While projects will be used as a tool of our educational model, the outcome will be focused on developing entrepreneurial thinking men and women with the ability and drive to apply their skills and thought process to a wide range of applications based on the students’ passion and vision.

The major and minor allow for extensive team building and bonding of entrepreneurship students across campus. The interaction of diverse students studying areas such as business, technology and the humanities creates an extensive synergy among the students and their studies. A focal point of our pedagogy is to transfer ownership of learning and teaching to the students. Advanced students will guide and mentor incoming students as a component of their studies. This philosophy will gain greater advantage as the increased number of diverse, creative and talented students will create more opportunity for business ideas and concepts to be nurtured among students being trained as entrepreneurial thinkers.

Experiential Learning

Entrepreneurs face a complex and demanding environment. A key to entrepreneurial success is the ability to gather, interpret, retain and utilize information. A five-phase learning process incorporating potential, skills, knowledge, experience and opportunity will integrate this field of study into a coherent learning experience.

The cornerstone of the learning experience will revolve around lectures, class discussions and interactions, experiential learning, reading and research, presentations, projects, and a deep integration with the entrepreneurial community through a mentor network developed by the Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Students successfully completing this degree will expand their network, awareness and understanding of entrepreneurial opportunities and gain critical knowledge and skill sets to succeed in the global economy. As part of Elon’s commitment to experiential learning, all entrepreneurship students must complete an internship in order to graduate with the B.S.B.A. degree.

Experienced Faculty

Our entrepreneurship faculty has strong credentials in academics, research, venture creation, social entrepreneurship and venture funding. In addition to providing strong content, our experience and global networks allow students to accelerate their growth and accomplishments by leveraging the faculty expertise, knowledge and contacts. Faculty serve as valuable mentors guiding students to identity and pursue their passions diligently.

Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Doherty Center cultivates entrepreneurial leaders among Elon students and positions its alumni for success in the pursuit of global economic and social progress. The core pedagogy of the Doherty Center focuses on training students to think entrepreneurially. Integration into the local business community, engaged learning, and personal growth and development are cornerstones of this program. The center offers scholarships for students interested in entrepreneurship.

Effective entrepreneurship education takes place beyond the four walls of the classroom. Engaging students in out-of-class activities is essential to encourage creativity and prepare students for future success. The activities sponsored by the Doherty Center foster an entrepreneurial environment within which students can gain confidence in their abilities and make key networking contacts that will help them in their postgraduate careers.

Activities and events sponsored by the Doherty Center include:

  • Elon Innovation Challenge, a creativity competition held in conjunction with the Stanford Global Innovation Tournament.
  • Elon Medal of Entrepreneurial Leadership, awarded annually to an individual representing excellence and success in entrepreneurial leadership.
  • C. Ashton Newhall Endowed Lecture Series, through which successful entrepreneurs visit campus to share their knowledge and experience managing the risks and rewards of entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • University Entrepreneurship Summit of North Carolina, held in partnership with Wake Forest University, which brings together individuals leading entrepreneurship initiatives in North Carolina's universities and colleges.
  • Entrepreneurship Mentor Network, which connects students to professional mentors.
  • Student Entrepreneurial Enterprise Development (SEED), an organization which helps launch projects and events across campus and in the outlying community.
  • Lemonade Day, which allows our students to reach out to the local community to teach entrepreneurship to local children.
  • Think Tank, which provides an opportunity for students to share venture ideas and form teams to launch ventures.
  • Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, a summer program exposing entrepreneurship to high school students.
  • Support for students participating in competitions or attending conferences and workshops related to entrepreneurial leadership.

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